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Emmaline SINCEBAUGH "Ellison" of Spencer NY
Emeline's Diaries
1931 - 32
1946 & Addendum
Helen BARBER "Ellison" - 1952
Transcribed by Melissa June ELLISON Merritt

Diaries From Emmaline Eulalia Sincebaugh Ellison (wife of John James Ellison)(Mrs. J.J. Ellison)

1930 Diary of Emmaline Sincebaugh Ellison (wife of John James Ellison)

Front Cover 1790 first census
208 Center St Ithaca
Ernest R Clark 1001Temple St Ithaca
Lady Judge Allen of Ohio

Jan 1 Wed After dinner today we drove to Elmira to take Johnie home. We went to a show. Called on Toot ate supper with Geo. got back home 9:15 pm. The roads were some icy snow nearly all gone. I bought a new vacum cleaner yesterday traded my old one in.

Jan 2 Today is like spring Dad put some honey in the hive out by the honey house today and the bees flew out around his head. Saw a caterpiller crawling out doors. The vacum cleaner man called today again and showed us more how to operate it and bought the can of cystals.

Jan 3 Cooler today. Kinney went to Ithaca today I sent 3 letters out today -Mrs Welch

Jan 4 Very cold this morning western blizzard on its way so papers say.

Jan 5 We heard 2 very smart sermons today Weather today was clear and cold

Jan 6 We washed today got the clothes all dry. Dad sweater got dry so he could wear it tonight as we went to Ithaca to see the Navy Blues a movie at the State. Weather was fine.

Jan 7 Today was an ideal day like early fall weather had the doors open nearly all day after dinner Blanche Manning drove with us to Owego to see that wonderful picture Noah's Ark. Mrs Perrry, Mrs Manning and myself.

Jan 8 Warm rain and spring like at noon, we enjoyed the farm home hour on radio with doors open. This the 4 day of fine weather Wed was the freeze of them all.

Jan 9 Ammopasco Plant Fertilizer Rain with ice freezing on side walks all day the 2nd time of icy walks and this is worst of all tonight much colder.

Jan 10 This morning a light snow fall helping it to make it safer underfoot. Surdam had an accident last night coming from Ithaca over turned his car - Geo. called up this afternoon wanted Mc to come over to get them. Dad went down and meet quick today and got his judgement. It is growing colder toward night.

Jan 11 McKinley went to Elmira after Geo. and Hellen and children but Geo. didn't come.

Jan 12 We spent rather a lonesome day. So after we got our dinner over we went to Elmira took Hellen and the children home. Geo. came back with us and Kinley stayed over.

Jan 13 Salacon for colds Geo. worked at various things today among things he done he hatched up the honey house roof.

Jan 14 We got started for Elmira just before noon today. We went to Cooper store and bought the paper for the parlor, bedroom and sitting room over the store. We got home rather late and Dad got the chores done.

Jan 15 Today was mild just a little fire in the stove up stairs over store. Made the whole flat uncomfortable. Geo. finished the parlor tonight before he came over to supper.

Jan 16 Geo. is papering the south bedroom overhead in the store cold, very cold today. I washed out a few peices this forenoon and they froze as soon as hung out.

Jan 17 Rev Barnheart Philadelphia 2000
All Mash Chiken Ration
40 parts by weight
22 parts corn meal
12 parts corn gluten
10 parts meat scraps
3 parts bone meal
2 1/2 alfa leaf
1/2 part salt

Jan 20 We went to Elmira this afternoon with Geo. took a train for Buffalo

Jan 21 WDBT Dile 43 Richmond Virginia Syracuse Dile 89

Jan 22 1755 Geo. Washington's Birthday celebration at Alexandria Virginia

Jan 26 We came back from Buffalo tonight on the late train.

Jan 27 Tompkins Corners Enterprise Chesebrough MFG Co NY USA

Jan 28 Our 1st calf born to the young Gernsey cow was born

Jan 29 Richard hurt his arm today up at Allen Peets

Jan 31 Some colder today. The night was very cold also Kinney went with E Sanford and did not return until morning. We churned our last this afternoon

Feb 2 Dark and cloudy all day we drove over to Ithaca afternoon today was to late to attend a show. So we took the medicine to Kathaleen for the baby. I went in to see baby today.

Feb 6 I have been sick all day

Feb 8 1776 Washington time of War. Warmer thawed some I cleaned most all day sitting room and stairs steps and bathroom.

Feb 12 We drove over to Elmira to take Deloris home and see about the wallpaper form Montgomery and Wards but did not get any. This morning the 1st little bird hatched.

Feb 13 We drove over to Ithaca this afternoon to see about the 1900 Washing machine ordered it for Fri.

Feb 14 Valentine Day I went down to see Jennie this afternoon. We got a box of meat from Albert today. The suitcase and shoes went to Geo. by the baker man.

Feb 15 This morning was quite mild but this afternoon at 3:00 on comes a regular blizzard snow storm. The 1st real one we have seen this year. Sent for Ind. Wall paper book today.

Feb 16 Our Blizzard turned out a very bad one this morning found us in the gripp four worst winter day.

Feb 17 Last night was a blinger it froze water in the wash dish downstairs and the water pipes did not work upstairs. Mc Kinley went over to Ithaca this afternoon. The thermometer registered 18 below this morning.

Feb 18 Mild again this morning it was moderate last night somewhat different from Sun. night. I phoned Manly Hollenbeck this morning about getting my washing machine he brought it tonight. The sun went down rosy enought tonight.

Feb 19 This morning the sun came out just like spring it ws so warm we had the back doors open nearly all day while we done our big washing. We got the clothes all dry and ironed today. The honey bees surely put their trade mark on many peices.

Feb 20 R M Ellison born July 5 1910 Well this morning spring like again. All day long it was warm & sunny. Honey bees and the hens were let out to roam around. The calf is surely enjoying her freedom also.

Feb 21 Warm and about the same as yesterday everything spring like except the soft ground to wet to step off the sidewalk. Got a letter from Albert today. He wants to take a trip to the East India's.

Feb 22 Weather foggy this morning but before noon sun came out as warm as the previous days this week. I am sitting now with the doors open listening to a George Washington program. The cows and hens are out like spring.

Feb 23 Dark and cloudy this morn this afternoon misty rain. We had a chicken dinner. Kinney didn't come home until night.

Feb 24 Well this morning was clear and sunshine again so after dinner we drove over to Elmira took the children a few things. Got wallpaper enough for rooms got home between 7 & 8. Richard cleaned 2 toilet vaults today. Doloris came home with us.

Feb 25 This morn at 7 o'clock a thunderstorm started and continued all the forenoon some heavy dull explosions line a cannon in the distance. The creek is rising fast. This must have been the morning we went down to get Jenny Clay.

Feb 26 Born 1845 Buffalo Bill Birthday. My second payment on vacum today. We washed today again but on hanging out clothes had to take them down all covered with ice (The frist time to use my new washing machine was a week ago today.

Feb 27 Sent in my installment on vacum today. We drove over to Ithaca this afternoon. Doloris and I went to a show. Then we went to see Kathaleen and the baby. Geo. came tonight. (We saw a show called Gardona.)

Feb 28 Tony Scrapbook 897 Cincinnatta Ohio. Geo. has been papering the kitchen over to the house across the lawn. This forenoon and a short time after dinner then he disappeared and we did not hear of him again until midnight or a little after.

Mar 1 Geo got up early and drove over to Elmira after Hellen and the children he got the paper to finish the kitchen he finished the room and has cleaned up all the cellar and burned the rubbish.

Mar 2 First calf born today. A heavy snow storm came in the night and covered the trees and wires so that the radio would not work until the snow begun to fall off. It was a most beautiful sight anyone ever saw. This afternoon at 3:00 it is mild thawing and pleasant out.

Mar 3 Very cold night with zero weather a 11:00 the sun is shinning but air very cold. Geo is working down to the orther place today putting on the ceiling to kitchen. Mr House is drawing the willow trees out of the vase today. McKinnley has helped Annis get the 1st load of hay from below today.

Mar 4 Last night was not so cold as the night before. It has been thawing some today. Geo is papering the large bedroom in the lower place.

Mar 5 Geo finished the papering in the room above the parlor in lower place it was quite cold all day.

Mar 6 Geo has been packing the stray furniture up in the little room in the house across the drive way Very bright and mild today an ideal day no wind just sunshine.

Mar 7 Mild and warm this forenoon but cloudy and south wind. I cleaned both sitting room and parlor with vacum this forenoon made 3 pies and got dinner. This afternoon it has begun to rain and Geo made new stoop 2 shingled the porch and painted some windows.

Mar 8 Snow and rain all day creek flowed it's bank this morning. McKinley went to Ithaca this afternoon with all day. Geo has eaten 3 x's today.

Mar 9 Sunshine but cold biting air. Hellen and James and the children came over about 10:00 today. They all went to the valley. McKinley went with someone to Scranton. Geo went home with his folks to night. Johnie went to Sunday school today.

Mar 10 Spring like again today. I got at my washing about 10:00 3 bed blankets, the curtains up in the little room that covered the clothing, 2 sweaters, 2 pair pants, a 1 overalls and the general while clothes. Got everything ironed and in their places again.

Mar 11 I wrote 3 letters 1 to Whiteing concerning the toilet in Auburn. We did our 1st churning of the year today. The young Gernsey cows milk as we are raising her calf.

Mar 12 This morning their is snow squall on again. Froze slightly Mrs T H Hyres came home today she has spent 3 months with the Dean's at Ithaca. She is to stay all night with us.

Mar 13 Snow flurries today and growing colder. I cleaned the bathroom and discovered it was the toilet that was making the electric pump run so much. We got a letter from McKinley today. The Dr. came to see Jennie tonight.

Mar 14 Bright sunny day but the air is very cold. I Have cooked the beets that Bill D brought me this morning. We went down to Mrs Hyres and put her double doors on for her. Got a letter from Albert today he is not coming home this week. Geo and family came at suppertime tonight. Hellen and James went to the valley. We got 16 eggs today this is the most as yet.

Mar 15 Cold and bright this morning Geo has gone to lower place to finish the papering down there Mrs Hyres came after Milk this morn and said that some had took things out of her house. While she had been gone. George went home tonight with family drove my car as James had froze his radiator and spoiled it.

Mar 16 Cloudy this morning not so cold. We done out 2nd churning again this morning. Geo and Doloris came back from Elmira tonight.

Mar 17 St Patrick's Day Weather ideal we did the washing and ironing all today beside lots of other work. Ruth Whiteing called here today from her trip to Binghamton. Calf 2 weeks old today.

Mar 18 Rain cloudy and cold in general. Geo begun his papering for the Manning's he finished their sitting room tonight the rain turned to ice tonight.

Mar 19 Snow fell during the night so today we have something like real winter. Geo is papering the kitchen down to Manning's today. We did another churning today. Copy of Garden Guide.

Mar 20 Heart and Vick 49 Stove St Rochester NY

Mar 21 Cold and disagreeable all day. Geo begun his daily work picking up old tin cans. Richard and Mc cleaned the hen house. We cleaned to oil stove by scrapping it all over. Dad and Mc went to Ithaca this afternoon.

Mar 22 Very cold night. The ground wasf frozen hard this morn with air enough freeze a dog. Geo went to work for Lew Fisher drawing out manure today. Mrs Wm. Call came home today.

Mar 23 Very cold air again this morning we drove to Elmira today got back a little after 6 tonight took Deloris back for this week. Jennie stayed home. McKinley came home just after we went so everything was all OK he had supper ready when we got here.

Mar 24 Weather moderating south wind and warmer. Geo begin a shingleing Mrs. Tyler's barn this morning Kinney fixed James radiator on his car today.

Mar 25 4 weeks Jennie came. Dark cloudy and rainy today Mc painted my oil stove this forenoon. Geo and he is papering down to Snyder's this afternoon. We had a thunderstorm tonight lasted long after we went to bed.

Mar 26 I finished painting the oil stove this morn. Early this morning our rain had turned to snow flurries and is cold and damp outside.

Mar 29 I done a big wahsing and ironing today. I never was so tired in all my life. Went to bed at 8:00

Mar 30 Snow flurries today but melts as fast as it comes. McKinley and Dad went to Elmira. Jennie and I stayed home and a great day it was for us. Eulalia came home tonight with Dad.

Mar 31 Weather warm today very good. I did another washing today got everything ironed. Washed all Eulalia's clother coat , hat and everything.

Apr 1 Today there has been high wind south at that. Richard cleaned his room and the Bath. I helped and we got 2 rooms and stair steps cleaned. Cloud and dark. Jennie went down home and back this forenoon.

Apr 2 Very cold today it froze again last night. Mrs Lamb sent the boys down tonight to see about the house.

Apr 3 Some like spring today the sun is very warm on the Southside. I moved the oil stove down stairs this morning did a lot of cleaning down cellar.

Apr 4 McKinley and I drove down to West Candor to see Mrs. Johnson and take Eulalia down there also.

Apr 5 Very fine weather today spring like I cleaned up some around back door. Mrs Perry came and cleaned all day in the house across the way. I paid Mrs King 2.50 on the little clothes.

Apr 6 Weather fine this forenoon. Charlie Manda and Margurite and family came today. It begun to rain about 4:00 after they had started home.

Apr 7 McKinley and Dad went to Ithaca. High water this morning after a hard rain all night but after a nice fresh breeze it clouded and it has turned to a snow storm melting very fast. I sold Mrs. W Davison 2 doz eggs to set today. George Dervige and sister came up to look at the rooms over the store. Mrs Perry finished the cleaning today.

Apr 8 Cold & ground covered with snow. Mr Munson came and took Jennie Clay to his house today. Kinney has gone to Ithaca again today.

Apr 9 Some warmer today. We did our washing and ironing all day beside some cleaning got a letter from Jennie tonight.

Apr 10 Well today is mild and very much better weather some what cloudy. I cleaned the dinig room windows and birds took the C-Cactus out it look much better.

Apr 19 Albert came this morning about 9:30 as soon rested he started cleaning up the burning bush soon we had a fire alarm the roof of our house was on fire and the fire Co had to be called.

Apr 20 Well we had a quiet day no one came so we were alone for dinner 5 of us.

Apr 21 Well this morning at 4:00 we started for Buffalo for Albert persuaded me to ride with him.

Apr 22 After office hours and dinner Albert and I started out for a little shopping we bought 50# of canary seed and 10 # of seed for Joe. Then home. After supper Edd and I went to a movie show called the Sky Hawk.

Apr 23 I started home from Buffalo this morning at 9:30 arrived at north Spencer at 1:00 Mc & Geo meet me there. Mr Charles died tonight a half past 7.

Apr 25 I did a good sized wash today and the ironing also.

Apr 26 Mr Edward Charles funeral today at 2:00 I stayed with Mrs Lamb she being sick a bed with the grippe. Geo went to Elmira after Hellen and the children. Then took her to valley with her mother and Dora who went to Elmira with him.

Apr 27 We were alone again today no one came just Geo, Richard, Dad and Johnie and Fred , Eulalia and myself to dinner. I received a lovely rose bush from Albert and a lovely jar of Tulips form McKinley yesterday for Easter.

Apr 29 Today was a very cold day growing colder as evening neared. We started a coal fire in furnace tonight Geo finished papering for the Mannings today his stomach has been worse today he suffered all night before.

Apr 30 This morning finds us in the gupp of a young winter again the snow storm of last night covered everything over and it is still very cold.

May 4 Some cloudy but was warm and nice all day. We got all ready to go to Elmira with Geo but he had made an arrangement to go with Dora so we had to stay home.

May 5 Well this morning was fine and sunshine so I got the washing again got all done at noon all the clothes dry and I got the largest part ironed. Geo started shingle on the south wing over bay window this forenoon.

May 6 Warm enough to roast a pig so the 1st thing I done after breakfast was to get things in order downstairs so that our 1st meal this year downstairs was for dinner today. Got a letter form Albert today May 6th moved down stairs today.

May 7 All quiet on the Western front (on the road back). New story Book

May 17 Dec 5 1930 Play the Green Godess given over WMAK Rochester nest week also at either 4 or 4:30

May 18 Mrs John Mendrick Dewitt Ave Elmira across street form St Joseph's Hospital

May 27 Natural Bridge Shoe Co Virginia

June 6 Dad and Geo went to Elmira to get Hellen and the boys tonight.

June 7 The children had a wild time playing today the 2 girls and 2 boys.

June 8 We drove over to Elmira this afternoon after dinner to take Hellen and the children home. We took Eulalia home also.

June 10 Rain, Rain all day like Apr showers. Geo tried to finish his shingling on the first side of Mrs Snyder's house between showers. Frank Rowers called on us while on his way to visit Chancy Snyder.

June 11 We planted our last cucumber today. I took the old churn for its last trip down to the creek cleaned up a lot of things all around the house. Bright lovely day after our cold rain. I wrote to Albert today.

June 12 Another fine day bright and sunny. We bought 2 bushel of potatoes of Hamilton from the Valley.

June 18 Many Many years ago I had a dear friend in Michigan one of them whose initials were A.B.L. who painted me a picture of my girlhood home and sent it to me in NY state. This picture has always lived in my life and I surely would like to know if these friends are still living if so please write to me. My initals at that time were L.E.S. which may help them to remember me. My name now is Mrs. J. J. Ellison Spencer NY.

July 11 Tonight was the first time I heard the Hickock Belt program at 8:30

July 15 Very cool again this morning I made brown bread for dinner and Maccaronia. Dad was taken with a terrible pain in head and chest today noon. I sent for Dr. May his blood pressure was 240.

July 16 Floyd Gibbins birthday - Geo went with Pade this morning. Cool again this morn Dad is some better this morn. Dewitt and Mary stopped on their way to Breesport to Fannies to pick huckleberries. Mrs Sybil Doan called today.

July 27 Spent in Elmira

July 29 Cold very cold today this evening the ground is covered with a white blanket of snow. James T told us tonight that Mrs Lamb had the phneumonia. Geo papered another room for the Manning's today.

Aug 8 Dad came home today on the diamond from his 3 week stay with Albert and he is very much improved.

Aug 9 Dad worked at the supper this forenoon.

Aug 10 We were just a few for dinner today. Dad, Eulalia and myself. Richard went back to bed after breakfast got up at 4 pm. We heard a wonderful semon today Rev Bedell his text was Zechariah chap 14 verse 7.

Aug 19 Store Main St. 442 Morrison's, Buffalo NY.

Aug 25 Uncle Abe and David BF Goodridge Rubber Co Akron, Ohio. Thistledown,

Sept 16 Dr Clawson will preach tomarrow morning on Frankin's faith in God. The one minute sermons Feb 1 1936

Sept 18 Most men are peculiar, mine might be worse, every time he goes 3 speeds ahead I put him in reverse.

Sept 29 I canned the last fo the plumbs this fornoon 5 pts tomatoes

Sept 30 Mrs Doan & Miss Denton brought the children over here today. I went down to Mrs Johnson's with them and we left Jack and Laddie with her.

Oct 2 Edd Vanwort and Nellie S - came over today and Eulalia went with them.

Oct 12 Geo, Hellen and Richard started for the N - Woods at midnight tonight.

Oct 13 Dad and W. Haywood drove over to Elmira today and brought Toot and Bell over home.

Oct 14 Mc Kinley's Birthday age 29 Bell and I done a large washing today.

Oct 15 Georgie's Birthday age today 34.

Oct 18 Today is the one. We drove to Ithaca to see Toot and Bell off to Buffalo to the Sanatarium. Elmira Welfare paid Providence Retreat 205.68.

Oct 24 Today was very nice with sunshine. So we improved the day getting flowers covered with leaves. We took up my butterfly, rosebush and set it by the honey house window. I planted the tulip bulbs in the bed to the southside covered the other plants all we lacked to finish was pulling the beets.

Oct 25 This morning found the ground covered with snow it is melting some but a cold north wind is blowing and fine snow falling. Dad and Johnie and Fredric got the apples in from the shop today I have got my grape juice on tonight. Will finish it tomarrow. One week tonight Toot has been to Buffalo.

Oct 27 I did my washing and ironing today fine day everything dried fine.

Oct 28 Rather dark and cloudy today after rain during the night. A fire in town turning the early hours of morning the old store down in Brookline part of town.

Nov 15 My note of 50 dollars was due on this date at the Farmers Merchants Bank at Spencer, NY. Dad paid it on Dec 10 1930.

Dec 8 I sent in my money order to the Vacuette Co today. Dr Twilliger came to see Richard tonight.

Dec 11 Heard a program tonight a few minutes before 5:00 called the Crocket Mountainers over WGR Buffalo. Toot and Bell took Laddie down to his grandma J tonight. I wrote my first letter to Kinley at Washington DC sent it out tonight.

Dec 12 Very dark and cloudy. Dad and Toot have been packing the bees today getting ready for cold weather. I let the hens out to eat the grass and to pick up gravel. This morning just like spring.

Dec 14 Jackie's birthday

Dec 24 Dad said Toot went to the Brook's farm with the black cow today.

Dec 25 Christmas Day. Albert got here tonight about 4:00 the snow that fell Wed night made it very hard driving. Well we were 9 of us together for dinner today. McKinley and Geo was minus.

Dec 26 1930 1930 1930 1930
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38 Al 41 Toot 29 Kinley 34 Geo

Family Obituaries

Simeon D. Ellison of 1317 Hall Street Elmira, a former resident of Spencer died on Saturday, June 8 at St. Joseph's hospital at Elmira, after a months illness, aged 56 years. His funeral was held on Monday, afternoon at the Federated church at Spencer, the Rev. Louis G Hover officiating. The burial was in Evergreen cemetery at Spencer. The services at the grave were conducted by Spencer Lodge, No. 290, F & A M of which he was a member. Mr. Ellison was a son of John J. and Emmaline (Sincepaugh) Ellison, and was born on July 23 1889, at Spencer. When he grew up he engaged in farming near Spencer and continued in that occupation until two years ago, when he removed to Elmira and conducted a farm near that city. Besides the Spencer Masonic lodge, he waa a member of the Federated church of Spencer. Mr Ellison leaves his wife, three sons, Jack Ellison, of Elmira; Albert Ellison, an enlisted man in the US navy, Richard Ellison, of Halsey Valley; one daughter, Mrs George Lanning, of Spencer; his mother, Mrs. Emmaline Ellison also of Spencer; two brothers, McKinley Ellison of Burbank California and George H Ellison of Elmira, and five grandchildren.

Ellison, Frederick T.
Age 73 of Elmira, NY born February 16, 1922 in Spencer, N.Y. to George and Hellen (Barber) Ellison, passed away Thursday September 7, 1995 at home unexpectedly. He was predeceased by his brother, John R. Ellison and special friend, Pauline (Pearl) Cropper. He is survived by his sons, Kenneth F. Ellison of Erin, NY, David L. (Carole) Ellison of Elmira, NY Wayne (Nancy) if Pine City, NY, Robert B Ellison and Thomas C. Ellison both of Elmira;sister, Delores(Steve) Polovick of Rock Stream, NY; Aunt Dora Yeir of Candor, NY; along with 7 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren; several neices and nephews. Frederick retired from the Lackawanna Railroad as an Engineer. Family and friends are invited to call at Barrett Funeral Home Monday September 11, 1995 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Funeral services will be held ther at the conclusion of calling hours (8:30 PM).Deacon Robert Stowell will officiate; private in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park at the convenience of the family.

Frederick T. Ellison, railroad retiree
Elmira - Frederick T. Ellison 73, of Elmira died Thursday Sept 7, 1995 at home. He retired from the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad as an engineer. Barrett Funeral Home, Elmira, is handling the arrangements.

Ellison, John R.
Age 73 of 245 Schuyler Ave. Elmira, NY; Monday June 28, 1993 at home after an extended illness. He is survived by his wife Jean of 47 years;daughters Diane and Paul Kent of Titusvill FL, Debra and William Fetch of Horseheads NY, Donna and David Glover of Pine Valley, NY; brother Fred Elliosn of Elmira, NY; sister, Delores and Steven Polovick of Rock Stream, NY; aunt Dora Yeir of Candor, NY; 7 grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by 4 of his grandchildren. He was a Veteran of the US Army (3rd Army) during WWII. He was the first motorcycle Policeman for the Elmira Police Dept. with 31 years of service. He was also Commander of the Elmira Emergencey Assistance Force for 40 years. Friends may call at the Barrett Funeral Home Wednesday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 PM Funeral and Committal Service will be held ther Thursday at 2 PM. The Rev. Melanie Cole will officiate. Burial, Forest Lawn Memorial Park at the convenience of the family. Contributions may be made in his memory to Southern Tier Hospice. Family members would like to express a special thanks to Debbie English and Derek Pope for their extradinary care.

Daughter Deloris Polovick is still living

John J. Ellison
John James Ellison, aged 70 died at his home on Main Street Sunday, December 29 at 2:45 am. He had been in poor health for a number of years, afflicted with diabetes, but only recent did his condition become serious. He is survived by his widow and four sons, Simeon and George of Spencer, Dr Albert R. Ellison of Buffalo, and McKinley of Pittsburg, PA. Also several grand children and one brother Edward Ellison. His funeral was held at the Allen funeral Home Wednesday at 2 pm. Rev G.M. Whittemore, long time neighbor and friend of the family, officiated. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery. He was a member of Spencer Lodge of Masons. The Masonic burial service was given at the furneral. The members of the Lodge attended in a body. A large and beautiful floral tribute banked about the casket as tokens of esteem to the deceased. Mr Ellison first came to Spencer nearly 50 years ago, and for the first number of years conducted a blacksmith shop. He later took a salesman position with the International Harvester Company and was regarded as a successful salesman, which he continued for a number of years until his health failed him. He then established a general store on North Main Street which he continued for several years. He has always been regarded as a popular and esteemed citizen of the community, and much respected by all.
WAVERLY- Mrs. Emeline E. Ellison, 91, of 101 N. Main St., Spencer, died at Tioga General Hospital early yesterday morning, a little over a month after she was admitted for treatment of burns suffered in a fire at her home March 22.
Mrs. Ellison, who died at 11:36 a.m.,had been treated for first and second degree burns of her head, neck and chest.Mrs. Ellison, who had lived alone, was preparing her noon meal when her apron caught fire from a gas stove blaze. The elderly woman ran outdoors and threw herself in the snow to extinguish the garment fire, then hurried to a nearby trailer for help.

Mrs Emeline E Ellison, 91 101 N. Main St. , Spencer Thursday April 28 1960. She lived in Spencer for 70 years; was a member of Spencer Baptist Church Survivors include sons William of Burbank, California, George of Elmira; eight grandchildren; 28 great grand children; four great-great grandchildren. Body at Allen Funeral Home, Spencer. Calling hours: Saturday afternoon and evening. Funeral Sunday at2:30 pm at Spencer Baptist Church the Rev John L. Brown. Evergreen Cemetery at Convience of family.

Elmira Star - Gazette Thurs Aug 2 1979
Ellison, George H. Age 82 of 1305 Hall St. Wednesday Aug 1 1979. Friends may call at the Kalec Funeral Home Thursday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9. Funeral and committal services Friday at 11 am. Ther Rev E. Gene Callihan officiating. Interment Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Survived by sons John R Ellison and Frederick T Ellison both of Elmira daughter Mrs Steven (Deloris) Polovick of Elmira Heights; 12 grandchildren; 17 great grandchildren; several nieces; nephews and cousins. He was a retired engineer for the Erie Lackawann RR; 41 year service. He was a Veteran of WW1 U.S.army. Member of the American Legion Post 154. He was a member of the Brotherhood of R.R.Engineers & Fireman. Donations to the Kidney Foundation in his memory would be appreciated.

Dr Albert Ellison Dies On Way to West Coast
Las Vegas N.M., April 6 - Dr. Albert R. Ellison, 54, of 916 Humboldt Pkwy., Buffalo, a surgeon died Friday aboard a Santa Fe train shortly before it reached Las Vegas. A coroner's jury said the death presumably resulted from a heart attack. Accompanied by his wife, Mrs Kathryn Ellison, the physician was en route to visit his brother William in Burbank, Calif. Dr Ellison who maintained offices at 916 Humboldt Pkwy was a native of Spencer, Tioga County, and came to Buffalo as a child with his parents, the late John J and Mrs Emmeline Ellison. He was graduated from the University of Buffalo Medical School in 1917. He served as medical examiner for the Pennsylvania Railroad for some time. He was a first lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps in World War 1 and served overseas with a machine-gun battalion, returning to Buffalo in May 1919. Dr Ellison opened offices, in East Ferry St. near Humboldt Pkwy. He later moved to the Humboldt address. He served more than 20 years as chief physician for the Dunlop Tire & Rubber Corporation. He was also on the surgical staff at Deaconess Hospital. The doctor was a member fo the American Medical Association, The New York State Medical Society, the Erie County Medical Society, the Buffalo Academy of Medicine, Spencer Lodge 294, F & A M, Ismailia Temple fo the Shrine and Gethsemane Evangelical Church. he was a 32d degree Mason. Survivors are his wife, the former Kathryn Span, whom he married in 1942, his mother and three brothers William H. and George and Simeon of Elmira.
Chemung County NY
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