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Berneice REED Diary 1905
Photo at left of Berneice REED MacDougall . 
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Ridge Road in the War Years by Walt Samson
Berneice Reed,

Horseheads, N.Y.

Descendants of Marion Mac Dougall
1 MacDougall, Marion 08 May 1850 01 Apr 1918
[Father MacDougall 54]

+Egbert, Emma Ulissa 07 Oct 1849 09 Nov 1918
[Mother MacDougall 55]

AGE ON 1 JAN 1905
2 MacDougall, Charles A. 16 Sep 1877 21 Dec 1966

+Reed, Berneice 17 Dec 1882 03 Feb 1958
2 MacDougall, William (Bill) 16 Sep 1879 24 Jun 1951
2 MacDougall, Alonzo F. (Lon) 04 Aug 1844 13 Oct 1960
2 MacDougall, Harry 24 Dec 1887 05 Jun 1974
2 MacDougall, Jay e. 29 Nov 1890 26 Apr 1970
2 MacDougall, Grace Marion 06 Jul 1895 ?? Sep 1984
2 MacDougall, Gordon 10 Jun 1897 13 Jan 1898

Descendants of Edwin P Mac Dougall
1 MacDougall, Edwin P 1860 1930

+Carpenter, Mary A. 1864 20 Aug 1933

AGE ON 1 JAN 1905
2 MacDougall, Elizabeth Minerva "Bet"

2 MacDougall, Helen E. 1891 1899
2 MacDougall, Burr Parsons 15 Aug 1892 ?? Mar 1976
2 MacDougall, Mildred Carpenter 12 Apr 1895 ?? Feb 1975
2 MacDougall, George W. 06 Oct 1896 ?? Aug 1982
2 MacDougall, Raymond 03 Apr 1903 04 Apr 1969

[Inside cover of diary]

Things Easily Forgotten.
No. of Watch Case: 6259104
No. of Works: 10,413,478
No. of Bank Book:
No. of Bicycle:
My Weight on: Jan. 1, 1905 ? 150 lbs.
Height: 5 ft ½ in.
Size of my hat: 6 ¾
Gloves: 6 ¼
Hosiery 9
Collar 12 ½
Shoes: 3
Drawers: 5
Shirt: 5

This book belongs to: Berneice Reed

Horseheads, N.Y.

In case of accident notify: L. F. Reed

Horseheads, N.Y.

Sunday, January 1, 1905

A lovely warm day. 54 degrees above zero. Mamma and I took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Thorne. Papa out to grand pa?s. Called at Hilton?s on our way home from Thornes. Mrs. Hilton quite sick. Mr. Stoddard there and wanted to know how I got home from my entertainment. Wrote to Bess, Eva, Agnes, and Grandma Webster in the evening.

Monday, January 2, 1905

Rained all day. Slightly in the forenoon and hard all the after noon. Will Manning went to Horseheads to meet Papa. Sat around and read all day. Mrs. Hilton taken worse and Roy came after Mamma. She spent the evening caring for her. Tried to knit lace all the evening. Papa and I talked with Will about buying his horse.

Tuesday, January 3, 1905

A terrible day. The rain of yesterday changed to snow and the wind blew a gale. Papa took me to school ? a very enjoyable (?) ride. Cleaned up the school house after the entertainment. Harry and Charlie swept for me. A little worried by what Jay overheard. Harry promised to find out about the letters. C. after the children. Studied Physics all the evening.

Wednesday, January 4, 1905

A continuation of the blustery weather. Roads quite drifted in some places. Mr. Parsons took me to school. Four pupils absent. Asked C. about the hobo dance. Arranged to go. C. in a while at night. Feel better about many things. Studies Physics in evening. Mr. Parsons tried to teach Kittie and I to play checkers. Played two games and Kittie beat both of them. Began to teach phonics to the whole school. Mamma spent the day at Mrs. Ahart?s with Mrs. Thorne and Mrs. Kellogg.

Thursday, January 5, 1905

A bright sunny day and quite warm. Harry absent. Lulu brought me her picture. Mr. Parsons had hay pressers. C. intended to come down but was prevented by hay pressers. Studied in the evening.

Friday, January 6, 1905

Another blustery day. Thought Papa might not come after me so left suit case at the house. Every scholar present. Read in the afternoon from "Two Girls in China." Saw C. Said he might be down Sunday. Had rather a disagreeable ride home. Elmer down in the evening. Started a collar. Began to rain in the evening and rained all night.

Saturday, January 7, 1905

Above 33 degrees. Rained and snowed. Papa and I went to Horseheads. Had great sport into winter-mules ? an Italian family buying bed quilts. Bought:
5 yds. Light calico .25
Knitting needles .04
1 yd. ribbon .20
Rubbers .60
Stamps .30
Apron .25
Pencils .20
Diary .50
Plate for Mrs. Mc D. .35


Saw Elmer in Horseheads. Knit lace and finished collar in the afternoon and evening. Went to bed quite early.

Sunday, January 8, 1905

32 degrees.

Rather windy and stormy. Froze in the night and made quite good sleighing. Did not get up till nine o?clock. Went up to Mr. Judson?s in the forenoon. Clayton at home. Loaned me "The Crossing" to read. Heard of George Deckers death ? burned up trying to save contents of the barn. Read all the afternoon. Wrote to Mary and to a teacher in W. Va. In the evening. Expected Charlie down but weather was not favorable for our plans.

Monday, January 9, 1905

Quite a nice day. Papa brought me to school. The first sleigh ride of the season. Skated on a pond in C. Parson?s field at noon. First time this winter. Received a letter from Bess also one from Agnes ? and old Doll?s mourning letter. Agnes got Charlie M. and Charlie C. somewhat mixed. Sent the plate to Mrs. Mc Dougall. Paper of today contained the particulars of George Decker?s awful death. Answered Agnes? letter in the afternoon. Came down with an awful cold. Studied Physics in the evening. Went to bed real early.

Tuesday, January 10, 1905

A bright, cold day. Skated before school. Sayre Van Duzer with the mail man. Rec?d a letter from Mary. Dalrymples worried for fear I will draw my pay before it is due. Went up on the hill after school. Rode up with Mr. Van Duzer. Found Mr. Dann & C. alone. Mr. D. said I had done one good thing if I never did another! Stayed to Mr. McDougall?s for supper. Mr. M. promised to arrange matter so I wouldn?t have to go to Dalrymples. C. brought me home (via Ridge and Cross Road). Everything O.K. Got in at 10:25. Mrs. Parsons went to Horseheads. My cold still flourishing. Got my wish of Sunday.

Wednesday, January 11, 1905

A clear day until noon. Snowed in the afternoon. About sick. Much to think about. Fully decided Mr. McDougall called at schoolhouse and said he had made arrangements as he promised. Received a letter from Loretta. Lon after the children. Took me home. Mrs. Parsons came home. Studies all the evening. The snow changed to rain and rained nearly all night. Felt dreadful all day.

Thursday, January 12, 1905

Warm thawy day with a strong south wind. Had a little difficulty with Charles Westbrooke. Saw C. in the morning (about the dance). Papa came after me. Stopped to Parsons for my satchel. Mr. Parsons cashed my order. Made a rig to wear to the party and studied Physics in the evening. Cold better.

Friday, January 13, 1905

Studied all the forenoon. Papa took me to Horseheads. Saw many of the school girls. Visited Dirth Miso Chillson. Wrote out the exam tho? I knew it was useless. Mr. Miller looked it over, said he thought it a failure. Went up town and done some trading. Saw John W. and Dan D. Came home and made sandwiches for the party. Started for party at 7:45. Trouble in snow drifts. Every one "hobo" for sure. Two stepped with Charlie W. Kept rig on all the evening. Got home at 4:20. Went to bed and slept till 12:00. Think of attending dancing school.

Saturday, January 14, 1905

A nice day ? 24 degrees above zero. Slept all the forenoon. Pieced bed quilt in the afternoon. Father went up to Thornes. Tried to skate some at night but the ice was no good. Mamma sewed for me. Sewed on my quilt all the evening. Grew much colder at night.

Sunday, January 15, 1905

14 degrees above

A fair rather cold day. At home all day. Glen Hilton down in the morning. Mr. Thorne and father went over to view the ruins of the Marshall fire. Mrs. Thorne stayed with us. Fred Stowe came over and brought Aunt Lid and stayed to dinner. Aunt Lid stayed. Went skating ? found quite a nice pond. Did not stay long on account of the wind. Read some in "The Crossing." Tried to think out the problem of C?s. different modes. Wrote to Loretta, Bess and Lulu.

Monday, January 16, 1905

A nice cold day. Papa took me to school. Took a "whirl" on coon?s hill. Spent the day in getting the children ready for the grade examination. Skated at noon. Charlie Westbrooke "mouth full." Heard something more of C?s "two sideness" Quite provoked. Received a letter from Geo. Talked with Mr. S&hart about the dances. Made out examinations for the lower grades. Sewed on my quilt all the evening and read some from Leslie?s.

Tuesday, January 17, 1905

A lovely day. Spent the day giving the grade examinations to the children. Frank was somewhat injured. Kittie went to Horseheads. Mr. Parsons lost his pocket book ? thought it was stolen during the night. Sewed on my quilt all the evening.

Wednesday, January 18, 1905

A lovely day. Thawed quite a little. Finished the grade examinations. Frank Hermann called at the school house to invite me to a party at Marshall Mowry?s. Received a letter from Agnes. She at last has the C?s straightened out. Wrote a note to C. (the last) Kittie away. Mrs. Parsons had a had a struggle with the shades. Sewed on my quilt all the evening and Mrs. Parsons read to me. Rained a little in the evening. Mind nearly changed.

Thursday, January 19, 1905

A very warm day. Everything mud and water. Settled down to the regular school work again. C. sent word to know if I wanted to go to the Mowry party. Said no. Did not want him to break his good resolution so soon. Mrs. P- got word that Mrs. Perkins was worse and went to see her. She and Kittie came home on the 5:35 car. Started fire in the dining room. Mr. and Mrs. D. over before they got home. Jollied me about my quilt. Invitation for the Creamery Dance out. Sewed all the evening. Lulua Tompkins up and visited the school. Froze quite hard at night

Friday, January 20, 1905

Another lovely day. Thawed all day. Cut out a block for my quilt that Mrs. Parsons gave me before school. Received a note from Herb J. Enough to kill anyone. Wrote a note to C and enclosed the one from H. Provoked at myself for not carrying out my resolution of the 18th. Papa came after me with the buggy. Mrs. McDougall sent down my books. The Hilton boys down in the evening. Sewed on my quilt. Read the account of Mae Crookstone?s wedding.

Saturday, January 21, 1905

A stormy day. Snowed a fine wet snow. 34 degrees above zero. Went up to the road and took a postal that had been brought here my mistake. Sewed on my quilt and cut out blocks all day. Got some book ready to take to Mrs. McDougall. Helped get supper ? the first time in some time. Read from the magazines in the evening. The snow on the ice made it nearly impossible to get around.

Sunday, January 22, 1905

Snowed some nearly all day. A warm day. Sleighing quite good. Home all day. Did not get up till late. Mr. Stoddard down in the morning. Read all the afternoon in "The Crossing." Mr. Judson down at night and spent the evening. Wrote to Agnes. Weather cleared up at night.

Monday, January 23, 1905

A fair day but some colder. Papa took me to school with the cutter. Saw C- in the morning. Laughed over the note of H. J. Today?s paper contained an account of the Russian uprising and massacre. Mrs. P-joked me about my lame wrist ? a result of sewing. Saw C- again at night. Said Lucy was awfully lame. Could not get around to keep the "date." Sewed on my quilt and read from Leslie?s in the evening. Pain commenced again in my side.

Tuesday, January 24, 1905

A cold, stormy blustery day. Much colder. Strong eat wind. Saw C- in the morning. Sent some books up to Mrs. McDougall. C- took them and said he would take something else if he could. Played with children at noon. Gave Frank a whipping. Mr. Ed McDougall over in the evening. Lon came after the children. Sewed in the evening also played a game of checkers with Mr. Parsons and beat him!!! Did not sleep well. Stormed all night.

Wednesday, January 25, 1905

A terrible day. Not so very cold but snowed and the wind blew a perfect gale. The hardest time to get to school of the season ? had to stop every few feet to get breath. The worst wind I ever saw. Nearly all the children present. Played with them at noon. Storm grew worse in the P.M. The worse I ever saw. C- and Mr. Dann came after the children ? had the horses down, came thro? fields and nearly had to give it up. I rode home with Mr. McDougall. Snow my Mr. Parson?s barn up to the horses back. Sewed and played checkers in the evening. Wind continued to blow all night.

Thursday, January 26, 1905

8 degrees below zero

Wind still blowing and much colder. Roads simply piled full. Went to school over the banks. Mr. P- went part way with me. Had six scholars. Sun shone. Wind went down about noon. Men shoveled some. Read to the children from "Stories of the Thirteen Colonies." Mail man did not go. Had some trouble to get the school house warm. Made a wood fire on top of the coal. Sewed and read in the evening. Greatly frightened in the night by some noise ? (clock striking twelve).

Friday, January 27, 1905

22 degrees above zero

Cold still day. All hands out breaking roads. Mr. Chapman first through the cross road. Saw C- in the morning. Said he would be down to go to the Creamery Dance regardless of snow banks. Papa came after me. Shoveled paths after I got home. Started for the dance at 8:00. Met Mr. Coe and Miss Flemming. All went to supper in company. Had a fine time. Like Miss Flemming awfully well. Snowed when we came home. Got in at 5:00. Renewed acquaintance with Leon Hamilton, visited with Elmer. Promised to go to the last of the Millport parties next week ? greatly worried.

Saturday, January 28, 1905

8 degrees above

A bright day. Strong north wind. Got up at 9:00. Mamma and I sewed. Made a shirt waist. Papa went to Horseheads. Took my school shoes and had them tapped. Slept two or three hours in the afternoon. Sewed on my quilt at night. Went to bed at nine o?clock. Greg colder in the night.

Sunday, January 29, 1905

10 degrees below zero at 7:00 a.m.

Did not get up till 9:00 o?clock. A bright day. Grew rapidly warmer. Did house work all the forenoon. Father went to Thornes. They were having a lot of trouble with old Mr. Thorne. He was determined to go back to the old place. Milkman failed to put in his appearance. Father had to bring the milk back to the house. Mrs. Thorne about used up as a result of the Creamery Reception. Read in "Success" all the afternoon. Wrote to Grandma and Agnes in the evening.

Monday, January 30, 1905

8 degrees below zero

A cold bright day. South wind. Papa took me to school. Every scholar present. Saw C- in the morning and he was in quite a while at night. Said he had some trouble getting home Friday night. "Pickles and onions." Wrote a note to grace about going to dancing school. Sewed on quilt all the evening Mr. Parsons said he was very much surprised that I was alive.

Tuesday, January 31, 1905

Began snowing about eight o?clock, but did not snow long. Children began to plan a sleigh ride. Lon brought the children and came after them. Wrote a note to C- about the sleigh ride. Went over to Mrs. McDougall?s after school. Was invited to come over and stay all night next week. "Hello cousin." Rode down hill with the children. Burr over in evening. Played checkers and other games. Grace was sick so we gave up going to dancing school. Sent $1 to Maud for the soap club.

Wednesday, February 1, 1905

A cloudy day. The children talked sleigh ride all day. C- sent word he would take them if he could get around. Began to storm about 3 o?clock so they had to give it up. Helped Jay make his arrangements. Children waited till nearly five for someone to come after them. Burr and Flossie came to the house at night to see about the plans. Sewed and read in McClure?s in the evening. Kittie gave me a package of hairpins. Received a long letter from Agnes.

Thursday, February 2, 1905

A cold blustery day. Received word from C- that he could not go to the party. Decided to go to Jen?s and stay and go "grass widow." Wrote to our folks to meet me in Horseheads Saturday. Wrote a note to C- wished I had told father to come up Friday. Played with the children at noon. Right arm awfully lame. Read in McClures all the evening.

Friday, February 3, 1905

3 degrees above zero

A cold day. Played with the children at noon. Read to them in the afternoon. C- after the children. Said if I did not want to go to the party he would come down and take me home. Stayed to Mrs. Parson?s to supper. Miss Rogers there. Expected Frank Coe after her. When C- came, he told her Frank couldn?t come and she was to go up with him. No one believed him. Got home 7:45. Found Elmer here. Made a conditional date for Sunday. Went out to the barn to see Uncle George?s "twins." Expect Birches are furious because I failed to attend the party.

Saturday, February 4, 1905

10 degrees above

Father and I went to Horseheads. Went down at rather lively gait. Went over to Bagordus? to have my pictures taken. Did not like hip work so did not have them. Saw Mr. Perkins, got home at 11:30. Sewed on my quilt and read in Cosmopolitan all the afternoon and evening. Father told "yarns" all the evening. Glad that I did not attend the dance. Josiah up after wood. A still cold day and night.

Sunday, February 5, 1905

3 degrees below ? 24 degrees above

A cold morning. 3 degrees below zero. Grew rapidly warmer 22 degrees above at 2 o?clock. A lovely bright day. Helped do the house work and took a bath in the forenoon. Read in the afternoon. Wore my new white waist. Slept from 4 till 6. Wrote to Grandpa, Anna, Bess and Agnes in the evening. Broke one of the pedals on the organ. Made a swell toilet in vain.

Monday, February 6, 1905

20 degrees above zero

Papa took me to school. Quite warm. All the scholars present. Mrs. Frost asked if Eleanor could ride back with father. Taught Harry to play Flinch at noon. Heard that C- was sick. Mr. bush brought the children. Saw C- at night quite a while. Told him what I heard about Frank. He did not believe it. Heard there is going to be a party and social both on the 17th. Had the headache all day. Worse at night. Went to bed at 7:30.

Tuesday, February 7, 1905

A blustery day. Snow drifted in the roads again. Saw C- in the morning. Played "Trade" with the children at noon. Received a letter from George. Composed some poetry for Valentines for the Valentine box. Ed over in the evening. About half the school coughing ? enough to drive one distracted. Finished my quilt, wrote to George, and tried some hardanger work in the evening. Mrs. Parsons took my quilt, and put it on the bed to see how it looked. Wind went down at night.

Wednesday, February 8, 1905

A cold day. Burr and Mildred absent ? sick. Lon came after the children and insisted on my going up. C- at Dann?s pressing straw. Stayed at Mrs. McDougall?s until after supper. Mr. Strang and I discussed the Smith family. Grace sick with the distemper. C- took me home. Stopped to Dann?s and had the register signed. "A few snow drifts" A strong south wind, sleet and rain. Offense no. 2. Got in at 10:15 and found Kittie real sick. Received a letter from Agnes. Heard that Mary was quite sick ? unable to teach.

Thursday, February 9, 1905

A warm day. Thawed some. Roads some drifted from Wednesday night?s wind. Grace M- absent. Played games at noon. Received a letter from Agnes saying they might be up Sunday. Wrote a note to C- about Sunday. Flossie helped sweep at night. Kittie much better. Went over to show Mary my quilt. "Measurement." Worked on hardanger work in the evening.

Friday, February 10, 1905

A blustery day. Northwest wind. Not very cold. Grace absent. Had a test on the capitals of the states. Flossie and Ray both had all correct. Read to children, in the afternoon from "Stories of the Thirteen Colonies." Papa came after me. Received a letter from Bess ? charley and I invited down to dinner the 19th. Got out some relics of former years to get material to make Valentines for the children. Mr. Parsons cashed my order.

Saturday, February 11, 1905

20 degrees above

Went to Horseheads in the morning. Got some Valentines for the little ones. Mr. Judson at the house when we got home. Received a letter from Loretta. Finished the work on my Valentines. Read some in Leslie?s. Started on other quilt in the evening and took a bath. A bright beautiful evening.

Sunday, February 12, 1905

At home all day. A terrible stormy blustery day. Expected Agnes and Henry also Charles but no one came on account of the weather. Hardly any travel on the roads. Began to rain towards night. Finished "Leslie" and began a book ? "A Rich Husband." Read all the afternoon and evening.

Monday, February 13, 1905

At home on account of Lincoln?s Birthday. Momma washed. Mended all the forenoon ? every stitch caught up. Mrs. Thorne down after dinner and stayed while Mr. Thorne went to Horseheads. Heard of Mr. Cannon?s death. Did not feel very well. Rather a cold windy day. Grew much colder toward night. Made envelopes for my Valentines. Hilton boys down in the evening and sorted apples. Packed my satchel and got ready to go to my "labors."

Tuesday, February 14, 1905

5 degrees below

Papa took me to school. Rather a cold ride. Had a Valentine box ? a lot of fun. Children much pleased with my Valentines. Received a letter from Agnes and one from Clayton ? an invitation to a Valentine party at Mavel Andrus. Invited to a party Friday night at Frosts. C- in quite a while at night. Arranged to go to the party at Millport, rode over with him. Postponed my visit at Ed?s till next night. Sewed all the evening.

Wednesday, February 15, 1905

Bright cold day. Played Trade and waltzed at noon. Mr. Stone went down to Parsons. C- in at night. (1 ½ or 2) Stopped at the house and Mrs. P- wanted to know what had happened to me. Wend on over to Ed?s. Kittie already there. She stayed till nine o?clock. Went to bed at 10:30. Heard George on his tantrum. Played games with the children and Kittie all the evening. Ed wanted to know what kind of a lesson C- was reciting. Wrote a letter to our people telling them not to come up Friday.

Thursday, February 16, 1905

8 degrees below.

Bright sunshine. Played for the children after breakfast and visited with Aunt Suel. Did not get to school as early as usual. Played with the children at noon. Lon came after the children. Swept at night and stayed at the school house until five o?clock. Expected the people to be a little X but was most agreeably surprised. Kittie finished the beautiful silk waist for Grace. Sewed and read in the Delineator in the evening.

Friday February 17, 1905

Much warmer. Had rather a late breakfast ? seven o?clock ? children all riding downhill. Played Flinch at noon. Saw C- in the morning ? arranged for floss to come home with us. Stayed to Parsons? until after supper. Ed over in the evening. Started for the dance at eight o?clock in the worst gale imaginable. Had a fine time. Saw Miss Flemming. Invited down to her home. Went to supper in company with miss Flemming, Miss Kennedy Daley & Coe. Mr. turner spilled a cup of water in my lap.

Saturday, February 18, 1905

Got home at 5:45. Went to bed. Father and Mother both up. Slept till noon. Got up just in time for dinner. A cold blustery day. Father went up to Mr. Judson?s. Elmer quite sick. Read some and slept most of the afternoon. Read all the evening.

Sunday, February 19, 1905

Helped with the housework all the forenoon. A lovely warm day. Read in the afternoon till four o?clock, then went up to Mr. Judson?s. Charley came down and came up to Judson?s after me. Went to Horseheads and around the back road home. A beautiful moonlight night. Charley came up a while. Mamma some what bad at night, her side. Kellogg?s dog up and spent the afternoon. Saw His Honor C. in J. Addie up to Mrs. Bentley?s. Saw Millie Lovell in H-H. 36 degrees above zero.

Monday, February 20, 1905

A real warm sunshiny day. Papa took me to school. Played games with the children at noon. Lon came after the children. C. helping Mr. Dann. Thawed quite a lot. Mr. Parsons went to Moreland. Mrs. Parsons sick with headache. Burr told me of Mrs. Parson?s inquiries, concerning the 15th. Worked on the "Review" examples and read from "Plants and Their Children" in the evening. Not feeling very well.

Tuesday, February 21, 1905

A very warm day. Thawed nearly all day. Saw C- in the morning. Played games with the children at noon. School all planning for tomorrow?s party at Flossie?s. Mr. Bush took the children up. Mrs. Parsons and Kittie went to Horseheads. Mrs. Perkins quite a little better. Read and worked examples all the evening.

Wednesday, February 22, 1905

Some colder. Stormed in the afternoon. No school on account of Washington?s Birthday. Read all the forenoon. Mrs. Parsons & Kittie invited me to go to the church dinner with them. Bet $1 with Mr. Parson about 1906. Jesse stopped for me to go to the party. A nice little crowd there. Rose over ? she and Grace did the honors." Met a Mr. Andrew, cousin of the Burches. Received an invitation to a party at H-H. given by Burrs? Friday night. Wrote a note to C- about it. Read all the evening. Kittie and my recently acquired habit. Mail man did not go.

Thursday, February 23, 1905

Quite a warm day. Went over and helped Harry start the fire. Saw C- in the morning. Said he had to move the well machine Friday so could not go to the H-H. party. Played "Donkey" with Harry and Lula at noon. Lon came after the children and insisted on my riding over. Saw C- when he came home from Morel and all of us thought of going down to Mr. Davis? a night but did not go. Ed over in the evening. Started reading a book of Nellie Rarrick?s entitled "Phillip Winwood." Just about sick ? came near having one of my "tantrums."

Friday, February 24, 1905

Another warm thawy day. Sleighing getting rather thin. A nice shepherd dog came to the school house and stayed all day. Father came after me. Took my dog home with me. Hope it belongs to no one. Our folks "presented" a new hired man, Mr. Baker. Dog proceeded to make himself at home. Played checkers with Mr. Baker in the evening. A bad fire in Elmira in afternoon. Clarks, Darks, etc.

Saturday, February 25, 1905

Did not get up very early. Warm weather still continues. Went to Horseheads with father on a load of grain. Did some trading and waited at Manning and Green?s for father. Sleighing very thin. Made a belt and sewed upstairs in the afternoon. Today?s paper contained an account of the Daley boys? misuse. Received a letter from Agnes. Played checkers and all of us played Pedro in the evening.

Sunday, February 26, 1905

A bright day. Not quite so warm. At home all day. Father went up to Thornes?. Not much travel during the day. Drew from "Plants and Their Children" all the forenoon. Started reading "The Hall in the Grove" by Pansy. Tried to get my dog and cat reconciled to each other?s company. Mr. Wheeler died at five o?clock.

Monday, February 27, 1905

Father took me to school. A bright day and a cold wind. Thawed in afternoon. Found out that the dog belonged to Mr. Goodwin. Gave Karl a whipping. Begin to feel like myself. Played with the girls at noon. Saw C- quite a while at night. Planned to go to Miss Flemming?s this week. Heard that Mabel and Luther were married Sunday. Invited to a dance given by Mr. R. Burch Friday night. Drew some in my plant book and partly made a tie in the evening.

Tuesday, February 28, 1905

A bright day. Some colder. Lon after the children. Taught Jay to two step. Received a letter from Bess. She feeling real proud being Aunt. Said she and Bert were greatly disappointed about my visit. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, Kittie and I went down to Mr. Davis? to spend the evening all in the cutter. Took my tie along and finished it. Saw the baby for the first time. Parsons planning a little function for tomorrow night ? hope my other "date" won?t come then. Got home at nine. Mr. Davis and Mr. Parsons both "cripples."

Wednesday, March 1, 1905

Rather cold wind. Grace D. and Ray both absent. George sang some for the school. Hurried home after school to go to Millport with Kittie. Saw Lon in town ? came after his mother. Visited birth Horace while Kittie was trading. Got home just in time for supper. Cleaned up after supper. The company came shortly after seven. Had a fine time ? ice cream etc. Got jollied as usual. Played a game of checkers with burr. Wrote to Loretta and received a letter from Josie.

Thursday, March 2, 1905

A bright day. The men all out opening the cross road. Mr. Goodwin?s people all very sick ? also Mrs. Coon. C- still away. Wondering some about tomorrow night. Wrote a note and letters to Bess and Mary. Fixed over Myrtle at night and read the rest of the evening in "Phillip Winwood."

Friday, March 3, 1905

A nice warm day. Received a letter from Josie and one from Agnes. Read to the children in the afternoon from Evangeline. Lon came down after the children and took me over to the house. Told me a whole "pack" about C- and the party. Stayed to Parsons till after supper. Started for the party at eight. A swell party. Had the best time of the winter. Went to supper with Miss Flemming, Joe and charley. Danced eleven sets. Began to snow in the evening. "Got lost coming home." Got in 5:30. Saw Bert P.

Saturday, March 4, 1905

Laid down and slept until breakfast. Did some mending in the forenoon. Momma about used up with her foot. A terrible day, wind blew a gale and snow piled up again. Ironed in the afternoon and read some. Played checkers with Mr. Baker in the evening. Went to bed quite early. Grew colder in the night.

Sunday, March 5, 1905

Quite a nice day. Did not get up very early. Packed my satchel. Mr. Baker had Maud and went over to Sing Sing. Elmer down in the afternoon to invite me to go to Breeseport next Sat. night. Could not go on account of my Elmira visit. Said he would wait a week. Heard about Louie?s love affairs. Wrote four letters and finished "The Hall in the Grove." Mr. Kellogg?s dog up and visited me again.

Monday, March 6, 1905

Father took me to school. A cold north wind and snow. Drove up behind Mr. Goodyear?s people as far as Frosts. Grace D. still absent. Robert Dann began school. Heard of Mr. Dann?s sprained wrist also of Myrtle Woodruff?s strange ride. C- came after the children and came in a few minutes. Said he would meet me in H-H. Sunday. Matt Shappee?s house burned down. Received a letter from Lulu saying Grandpa is much better. Heard something that Jen said. Read all the evening. Ed. Over. Quite a hard cough.

Tuesday, March 7, 1905

A sharp morning. Grew warmer in the afternoon. Flossie had a "spell." Played with the little girls at noon. Cough growing worse. Received a letter from Bess and one from George. Lon down at night ? jollied me about the side comb. Studied Physics all the evening. Did not sleep well on account of cough.

Wednesday, March 8, 1905

A stormy day. Rained all the forenoon hard. Storm changed to a wet fine snow in the afternoon. C- in a few minutes at night also Mr. Sanders. C- said we would surely go down to Bessie?s. Went home and changed my dress. Waited until 8:30 and as he did not come went to bed. Ed and Burr over in the evening. Played Burr?s new game "Battle Winks." Coughed just about all night. Snow continued all the evening. Coe backed out on account of storm. Wrote several letters.

Thursday, March 9, 1905

A nice warm day. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons went to Horseheads. Lon down both times. Got cleaned up after supper. C- came down at 8:00. Stopped at Charlie?s. Jan away. He said Lulu was coming Friday. No sleighing at all. Got to Miss Flemmings at 9:00. The awfullest hill to get there. Found Coe there. Had a very pleasant evening. Met Mrs. Flemming. Got home at 12:30. Cough much better. Lon swept for me partly. Some worried about "affairs."

Friday, March 10, 1905

A warm thawy day. Had school out at 3:30 in order to catch the 4:k-car. Started to walk to Millport, and Kittie offered to take me down. Heard of Mr. Wager?s death so decided to go to Agnes? and stay. Went up in her office at 5:30. Went out to supper and saw Mr. Dean. Said not to say anything about seeing him. Henry up in the evening. Played Flinch. Saw John Sterling coming down.

Saturday, March 11, 1905

Had breakfast in the rooms. Went down town with Agnes when she went to work. Made a date with Dr. Chapman for the PM. Saw Nell Rarrick. Went up to the house and stayed till 1:00. Started down to the office and met C- got our lunch at the H-H Creamery. Met Lula and Joel on the way back. Did a lot of shopping. New suit and waist. Went home and cleaned up. Henry and Frank up in the evening. Walter broke his arm. Played Flinch etc. Boys went about 11:00. Started to go to bed and found a man in the bed. Good heavens. Slept (both of us) on the cot.

Sunday, March 12, 1905

Got up at 8:00. Mr. Reed came to apologize for getting our bed. Had breakfast etc and took a walk In the forenoon. Went to dinner at 1:00 at the Bridge ? a swell dinner. Took the 3:30 car for H-H. Agnes came with me. Charley came at four. Agnes missed two cars. Had a fine visit. A sick woman asked Charley to get her a livery rig. Came home. Expected to find Hunt Lib and Pitchers at the house but was disappointed. C- did not come in on account of some business at home. Got picked up for Monday.

Monday, March 13, 1905

A nice day. Papa took me to school. Every one present. Went over to the house after school and cleaned up. Walked down to see Aunt Lib, Lula and Joel. Went over to Mrs. Conklin?s with Lulu and Joel. Had a fine visit. Bennett as cranky as ever. Took my suit down for Jen to make. Charley came down after me. Got in at ten o?clock. C- had Helen. Promised to go up and stay tomorrow night.

Tuesday, March 14, 1905

A bright day. Went over to the house for dinner. Changed my dress and made arrangements to go up to Mrs. McDougall?s to stay all night. Rode up with Charley on the hay rigging. Helped Grace with her examples and played Donkey before supper. Wiped the supper dishes. Harry, Grace, Charley and I played one game. Visited until eleven o?clock. Grace slept with me. Forgot to take the register up. C- having a great time getting his hay down to Millport Roads "fierce." Wrote to Miss Flemming. First robins seen.

Wednesday, March 15, 1905

"Saw" C- before breakfast. Grace with me. Jay wondered about what he saw all day. Had a long visit with Mrs. McDougall. Rode down to the church with Lon and walked the rest of the way. The boys still drawing hay. Gave Frank a whipping. Grace M- went over to the house with me after school and waited for Lon. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Parsons and Karl down to spend the evening. Went to bed as soon as possible. Just about tired out. Thawed all day. A real cold morning ? 0 degrees.

Thursday, March 16, 1905

A warm thawy day. C- gave up drawing hay this way and went down by Latin?s on sleighs. Coe helped him. C- had a run away ? hurt Fred. Gave the school house a thorough sweeping at night. Rained some in the afternoon. Studied Physics at night. Went to bed at 7:30. Sent Karl home on account of his getting his feet soaking wet.

Friday, March 17, 1905

A very warm day. Read to the children from Robinson Crusoe. Paid my board. Papa came after me. Roads and gutters full of water. Heard of father and mother?s visit to the city. Saw Miss Bentley. William Miles buried. Played checkers with Mr. Baker in the evening. The house plants perfectly lovely ? 20 bunches of blossoms. Mamma stayed at Mrs. Palmer?s while father was after me.

Saturday, March 18, 1905

Unusually warm for the time of year ? 64 degrees. Father went to the Marshall Bro?s sale. Will Manning came over and brought Foxy and his horse. Father came near buying the horse. Mr. Baker made me help him saw off some wood. Think I?ll have show some of my grit. Elmer down in the afternoon. Ironed five shirt waists and cleaned all my skirts. Washed windows. Elmer and I went over to Hyatt?s in the evening. "O Sugar" Byron recited for us. Roads not very good. Got home at 12:00. Drove the new horse.

Sunday, March 19, 1905

A bad stormy day. Did not get up very early. Father went up to see Mr. Judson?s new horse. Read some. Fixed the organ in the afternoon. Rained hard at night. Mr. Baker asked me to answer his "girl?s" letter. Nearly bursted reading it. Answered it in fine style. Foxy went away but came back again. Wrote to Bessie in the evening.

Monday, March 20, 1905

Rained all Sunday night and froze as it came. Everything coated with ice. Trees etc. just beautiful. Father took me to school awful roads. Deep mud and partially frozen. Mrs. Meeks dead so Burch girls absent. Rained nearly all day and such a fog that it was impossible to see anything. Hard walking on account of the ice. Mr. Parsons drawing hay. C- helped Mr. Dann draw. Studied in the evening and read some from "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come."

Tuesday, March 21, 1905

Rained nearly all night and froze thus increasing the weight of ice. Everything about twice its natural size. Almost impossible to walk at all. Began to snow just before noon and continued all day. On account of the ice and rain it stuck to everything. Trees sent to the ground. Many broke. A beautiful sight. C- in a few minutes at night. Grace D?s father did not come after her so she went over to the house. Mr. Banks came as her father smashed a finger. Mr. P. knocked snow off the small fruit trees. Received a letter from Mary.

Wednesday, March 22, 1905

Snow about 6 in. deep. Awful roads. Air still and going to school could hear limbs breaking off in the woods. Thawing. Sun came out and the trees were very quickly relieved of their burdens. Broken branches on nearly every tree. Elms especially damaged. C- and Coe went to Elmira. Children told of Sander?s talk about the night before. Lon came after the children at 3:30. Tried a new plan with Karl. Think it a good one. Finished my book and studied in the evening. Grace D- absent. Mrs. Parsons and Kittie cleaning house and papering.

Thursday, March 23, 1905

A warm bright day. Roads simply awful. Saw Grant Latin in the morning. Received my new broom. Heard of a Philip McDougall who said he knew me. Charles Westbrook?s last day. Received a letter from Miss. Flemming. Do not just understand it. Wrote a note to C-. Lon down at night. Mr. Parsons wanted to hire one of my "men." Mr. Farr invited me to ride home with him. Mrs. Parsons and Kittie papered the spare room. Stayed up with them for a while after school. Read from Leslie?s and studied Physics all the evening.

Friday, March 24, 1905

Quite warm. Mrs. Parsons and I went out to the barn to see Kittie?s cat perform. He was "bashful." Mrs. Parsons contributed to the show by rolling off a pile of hay. Rather a small school. Read to the children in the afternoon from "Our Shy Neighbors." Papa came after me. Was surprised to see how many trees were broken by the ice and snow. Scarcely am down home. Roads awfully muddy. Had rheumatism in my knee. Played Pedro in the evening . Mrs. P- went over to Davenports? ? his finger not so bad as reported.

Saturday, March 25, 1905

A lovely day. Went to Elmira on the 10:30 car. Rode down on a load of grain. Mr. Kellogg rode down with us. Said he was coming up to visit me soon. Went to Sara?s and went to dinner with her. Went up and called on Agnes a few minutes. Got to the dentists just at two. Had the filling taken out that Dean put in ? a piece of amalgam up under the gum. Saw Alice Stone. She told of Lillian?s death. Saw Jim Baker while waiting for the car. Rode up with Bessie Foresythe. Mary got on at Clarke?s. Went in and saw Charles W-. Papa waiting for me. Grant Shappee rode up. An awful headache. Got a swell letter from Claude Switzer.

Sunday, March 26, 1905

Very warm. Got up at eight o?clock. Papa up to Judson?s in the forenoon. Mr. Thorne called. Read nearly all day (and ate candy). Tooth feels fine. Wrote to Mary, Agnes and Claude. Fixed one of my pictures to send to Bradford. Anxious to know what developments this week will bring forth. Mr. Baker took a full survey of the farm. Mr. Judson came down in the afternoon and brought down some books. Decided to take a sanguine view of affairs not to care which way it turned out. Mr. B. away at night.

Monday, March 27, 1905

Very warm. Papa took me to school. Roads a little better. A full school. Wrote a note to C-. Went over to Ed?s at night. Miss Rogers there. Burr came home with me. Charley called for me and we went to Millport. Stopped to see about my suit. A lovely night ? one long to be remembered by me ? also an important one for us. Quite unexpected. Spent some time making plans. Got in at 10:30. Unable to sleep much ? so warm etc. A dreadful sore mouth as result of dentist work. Wonder how I will break the news.

Tuesday, March 28 1905

An unusually warm day for March. Thermometer stood at summer. Tried to accustom myself to the new conditions. Feel like a cat in a strange garret. Children all exceptionally good. Did not sweep. Wrote to Miss Flemming and invited she and Coe down during my vacation next week. Also wrote to Agnes and told her some news. Think she will be some what surprised. Burr over in the evening and brought his game. Mr. Parsons and I played against he and Kittie. Studying sadly neglected just at present.

Wednesday, March 29, 1905

Very hot ? 90 degrees. Roads quite dry. Gave Frank a little switching. Feet burned so had to take my shoes off. Wrote a note to C- about coming after me tomorrow night. So uncomfortably warm that the children could not do much hard studying. Kittie papered two rooms over head. Swept at night. About tired out. Read the daily and Youth?s Companion ? did not feel like studying. Went to bed quite early. Fritz barked nearly all night as usual. Received a letter from Loretta. She has been ill.

Thursday, March 30, 1905

Warm. Warm shower at intervals all day. Received a letter from Mamma saying they had bought a new horse. Went up to Dann?s after school rather a muddy, rainy walk. A beautiful rainbow. C- sat up night before with Rube Chapman. Stayed a while at Dann?s and then went on over to Mrs. McDougall?s. Played games with Grace. C- brought me down after supper with Lucy and Helen. Went on down to Millport and stopped to see if Jen wanted to fit my jacket. She preferred daylight. Roads full of sink holes. C- wondered how father would take "it" (I wonder the same). Part of Reformatory burned down. Began plowing at home.

Friday, March 31, 1905

Grace Davenport and Grace McDougall promised to come and spend the day with me ? one year from present date (Mar. 31, 1906). Mabel and Luther went up on a hay rigging ? stopped and visited a while. Invited me to come and see them. Read to the children from "Our Shy Neighbors." Heard of Mrs. Parsons grievous mistake ? quite put out about it. Received the dandiest letter from Agnes ? sent part of it up to Charlie. Mamma came after me. Ed?s folks sent down some vegetable oysters. Went down to the farm at night to see calves etc. Read in the evening. Went to bed quite early.

Saturday, April 1, 1905

Quite a nice day but not so warm. Mamma and papa went to Horseheads with Mr. Judson. Milkman came and our milk wasn?t on chased around "for fair" with him. He drove down and carried it up from barn. Washed sitting room windows, swept and dusted and did some picking up in my room. I mended at night and intended to sew carpet rags but Hilton boys came down and had to help entertain them. Papa, Mr. Baker, Roy, and I played Pedro. Roy just learning. Tried to find out how they knew about our horse turning in Stoddard?s orchard.

Sunday, April 2, 1905

Rather a cold wind. Mr. Baker went to Elmira to see his "girl." Swept the dining room and cleaned up before dinner. Read all the afternoon in a book of Clayton?s ? Hesper. Charlie came down at 5:30. Mamma helped milk in absence of the man. Had a fine visit. C- had been clipping the horses. Mr. Baker got back at nine o?clock. C- went at 9:30. Fooled the old man into shutting his door. Ate a piece of cake and went to bed. Everything OK so far. Wish I had more grit. C- going to see Coe about coming down.

Monday, April 3, 1905

Got up early. Papa and momma washed. Hung out the clothes. They were soon dried to took them down and folded them. Papa washed bags. Cut and sewed rug rags all the forenoon. After dinner Mamma and I both worked on the rags. Sewed all the evening and finished reading Hesper. Wrote a letter to Agnes. Rather cool in forenoon but grew warm toward night. Saw Hon. Miss Baker go by. Awfully tired. House work seems to "do me" for sure. Developed a fine cold in my head.

Tuesday, April 4, 1905

Warmer. Took down some of the "ornaments" in my room and cut miscellaneous rags all the forenoon. Saw Elmer a few minutes. Received a letter from Eva and one from Claude enclosing a couple of his pictures. Think he has a very nice face. Ate my dinner before the others and started to visit Miss Bentley?s school. Spent the afternoon and enjoyed it greatly. She came a piece with me. Stopped to Mrs. Thorne?s on my way back. Rained all the way home. Sewed rug rags all the evening.

Wednesday, April 5, 1905

A nice bright day. Began cleaning my room. Went up after the mail and Ahart had not gone. Went up in Mr. Judson?s field where Foxy was digging for a wood chuck. Received my horoscope. Papa sowed grass seed. Got two windows washed, one curtain ironed, a lot of pictures up etc. Just about tired out. Cold worse ? something "fierce." Mr. Baker had an attack of cuteness ? barricaded my door, and filled everything with water. Mamma heard from grandma. Began to rain at six o?clock. Sewed rags in the evening.

Thursday, April 6, 1905

Much colder. Did nothing toward finishing my room on account of cold. Iron another pair of curtains and put them up. Did most of my ironing and opened a pound of "hit and miss" rug rags. Mr. Stoddard working on the road. Mr. Smith brought the new horse. Went down to the barn to get acquainted with Billie. Lead him down to water, combed his mane, etc. Think he is simply O.K. he is not nearly so poor as we expected. Snowed all the morning but soon thawed off.

Friday, April 7, 1905

Quite a chilly day. Papa and I went to Horseheads in the morning. Got the curtains for my corner closet. When we got back hitched up the new horse and drove him over to the corner. Heard about Mr. Hoke?s sick horse ? lock jaw. After dinner went down and put the bridle on Bille, watered him, hitched him up and started for Mary?s school. Spent a very enjoyable afternoon. Decided to go to Chatauqua this summer. She has a perfect school. Got home O.K. Elmer down in the evening. Made an awful "break." Sewed some rags. Felt fierce coughed all night.

Saturday, April 8, 1905

Still cold. Just about sick. Coughed nearly every breath. Fixed my clothes press ? had father to help me but soon discharged him and did it myself. Went down to the barn and fed the colt some potatoes. Went to sleep after dinner and took a fine nap. Bell down taking orders for soap. Mr. Hoke?s horse?s jaws locked but relaxed again before night. Wrote letters to Lulu, Agnes, Claude, Eva and Loretta. Saw Elmer in the morning ? he promised to take some cough medicine for me.

Sunday, April 9, 1905

Did not get up very early on account of being awake coughing. Went up to Mr. Judson?s to see about side saddles. Heard of Carrie Breese?s. After dinner rode Billie over the lane and around the pond field. Mr. Baker and father rode him ? gallops fine. Mr. Judson down in the afternoon ? told of Clayton?s raise. Mr. Hoke?s horse better. Charlie came about six o?clock. Went to Horseheads, nearly to the Heights and back home by the back way. Drove Helen, quite frisky. Much warmer and a beautiful moonlight night.

Monday, April 10, 1905

Very much warmer. Mamma brought me to school. Drove Billie. I drove up. He very ready to obey whoa. Children all glad to get back after vacation. Lula and Flossie both absent. Grace M. not feeling very well. Wondered how they would be at the house. Very agreeably surprise. Swept after school Mr. Parsons real sick ? since Wednesday Kittie and Mrs. Parsons doing the chores. Ed over in the evening. Studied Physics. Mr. Parsons awfully nervous. Did not cough as much as usual. Received a letter from Mrs. Miles.

Tuesday, April 11, 1905

A cold foggy rainy day. Grace M- sick. Quite worried about her. Nearly gave the "business" away to Harry. Wrote a note to C- about going to Mary?s. Mr. Parsons sat up all day ? looks a little better. Mrs. Parsons had the sick headache. Rain made the roads bad again. Heard of Helen?s standing on her head again. Promised to go after Arbulus with the children next week. Very much surprised at Mrs. P- speaking of my coming back next year. Read some in Ladies Home Companion and studied in the evening.

Wednesday, April 12, 1905

Mr. and Mrs. Parsons both better. Charlie traded horses. Grace M- still absent. Quite a bright day but a cold wind. Made a slight "mistake" in school ? not K?s coat ? caught on to Jay?s scheme. Karl rode down with Coe and Mr. Banks and fell flat in a mud puddle. Coe tickled all over. Studied some after school. Charlie came down at 7:30, went to Millport. Saw Coe on his way to Bessie?s. Stayed to Jen?s while the kid went to the barbers. Mrs. Stiltson there. Joked about the barber?s itch. Mr. P- gave C- some orders.

Thursday, April 13, 1905

A beautiful warm day. Harry absent. Joked Jay about being made at him. Paid my board. Mrs. Parsons wanted me to stay up there till morning. Anna Aber and Florence Goodwin up and visited school in the afternoon. Sent a letter home and one to Agnes. Walked down to Millport after school. Karl and Flossie walked down with me. Stayed all night with Jen. Had a show with little Miss Stiltson. Did not study as much as I ought. Miss S- rejoiced that my mother was Emma Webster. She also knew Mr. Baker.

Friday, April 14, 1905

Went up to Page?s store in the morning after some things for my dress. Saw Mary and Mrs. Duffield starting for the examinations. Found out they were at Watkins and gave up going. Promised to go up and spend the afternoon with Mary. Began snowing awfully hard at about two o?clock, so did not go up to Mary?s. Helped Jen do the work, worked on her doily etc. till the 4:15 car. Found father waiting for me. Saw Nellie on the car. Went over to Wintermiter. Came home in the awful storm. Father about froze and had one of his spells.

Saturday, April 15, 1905

Quite a pleasant day. Mrs. Hilton had finished washing the windows of my room. Ironed the curtains and put them up. Finished cleaning and settling my room. Momma gave me a lot of great grandmother?s dishes. Ironed after dinner. Father went to Horseheads in the morning and to the Holtz Vandue in the afternoon. Mr. Baker taken with a stitch ? wanted me to go to the mill for him. Made a collar for my Easter rig in the evening ? worked till ten o?clock. Rhaman and Bell down in the evening ? came to trade roosters.

Sunday, April 16, 1905

A terrible cold stormy day. Mr. Baker?s stitch so bad he did not get up to milk (?). Mamma milked. Did not get up very early. About dead all day. Mr. Thorne down all the forenoon. Mr. Baker did not get up for dinner. Read all afternoon in David Copperfield ? reading it over. Got some work on my silk sofa pillow ready to take with me. Packed my suit case. Foxy laid on my lap all the evening. Awfully lonesome without the kid. Took a bath at night. Addressed a letter for Mr. Baker.

Monday, April 17, 1905

Awfully cold. Papa took me to school. Nearly froze. He scolded about the horse all the way up. Grace M- still absent. Played Donkey with the girls at noon. Harry still "keeping faith." Think he is certainly a brick. The girls told me about Anna?s performances, Jay told me all about Sunday. Boys and girls stayed until I went. Stormed at intervals all day. A load of Cook Academy students went by at night. Burr in a few minutes. Mr. Parsons some better. Read and sewed on my sofa pillow in the evening.

Tuesday, April 18, 1905

Still awfully cold. Grace at school. Gave Frank another whipping. Played with the girls at noon. Received letters from Lulu and Agnes. Lulu told about Claude?s intimate acquaintance. Agnes told about grandfather?s poetry. Flossie and I walked down to Jen?s after school. Went a new way down across. Jacket and skirt nearly done. Came back around the road. Got back in time for supper. Rather tired. Worked on sofa pillow all the evening. Kittie spent most of the evening in whipping Fritz to make him stop barking.

Wednesday, April 19, 1905

Cold in the morning but grew much warmer toward night. Mrs. Parsons and Kittie went to Horseheads. Kittie overheard Dennis and I talking about Fritz. Invited up to Mrs. Nathan Parsons Thursday night to supper. Received a copy of grandfather Reed?s poem. Went over to the house after school and changed my waist. Jay waited and walked up with me. Stopped to Dann?s ? C- there helping saw wood. Went on over to Mrs. McDougall?s. She insisted on my staying to supper. Charlie took me home with Kit around by the Ridge Road. Promised to go to church on the Ridge Sunday night. Got in early.

Thursday, April 20, 1905

Rained in the afternoon. Grace at school again. Kittie out after greens. Mrs. Bush came after the children. Children seemed to be possessed all day. Laurance drew a fine map of North America. Kittie came along as school was out and we went up to Mrs. Parsons. Stayed til 7:45. Went out to help Kittie whip Fritz just as Charlie came. He waited while we did the job. Jen had been sick and so did not have my suit done. Awfully disappointed. Got in before nine!! Received a nice long letter from Claude.

Friday, April 21, 1905

A warm showery day. Mr. Parsons cashed my order. Grew much colder in the afternoon. Received a letter from Bess. Feel terrible about it. Saw Charlie in the morning, also at night. The fire went up but it was so cold had to start it again. Father came after me. The roads from the school house down something fierce ? been scraped mud and all. Father walked and I rode over the sods. Read grandfather?s poetry to father ? he nearly fainted. Worked on my sofa pillow all the evening (the dining room all painted).

Saturday, April 22, 1905

Quite a pleasant day. Mended and straightened up in the forenoon. Had an early dinner and went to Horseheads. Drove the colt. Mamma took the 2:00 o?clock car for Millport. I went to Elmira on the 1:00. Mrs. Moore on the car. Went up in Agnes? office and left her eggs. Went over to Gosper and Agnes met me there. Got shoes, hat, skirt, etc. for my Eater rig. Came back on the 3:00. Mamma back with my suit. Not quite finished. Came home and sewed hooks and eyes on the suit. Mr. Judson down in the evening.

Sunday, April 23, 1905

Quite a nice Easter but rather cold. Went to church in the morning. Wore my new suit and hat and drove Billie. Exercises quite nice. Eana rode home with me ? took her up home. Found Mr. Judson and Clayton at the house when I got back. Changed my rig and Clayton and I went over to the woods after arbutus. Found some. Had a good visit. Expected Charley down at night but was disappointed. Wrote letters all the evening. Mr. baker went down with me in the morning. Ate seven eggs.

Monday, April 24, 1905

Some warmer. Papa brought me to school. I drove. The boys had swept for me. Played ball with the children at noon. Wrote to Lulu. Everything went wrong. Saw C- go by with Helen at night. Went over to Ed?s after supper. Burr came home with me. Read in Leslie?s. Swept at night. Clarence Davis made quite a lot of wonderment by drilling till nine o?clock by lantern light. C- and Lon plowing. Talked with Burr about the picnic. Grace said her mother would weave my rugs.

Tuesday, April 25, 1905

A nice, warm, bright day. Sat out of doors all the noon. Better order than yesterday. Lula absent. Frank brought me his picture. Burr tried to find out from Jesse about the picnic. Began a new plan of putting the names of the disorderly ones on the board. Did not have to do much sweeping. Talked of "it" with Harry some. ? gloves. Mrs. Parsons and Kittie cleaning the parlor. Helped Mrs. P- get up to an outside window. Did quite a lot on my sofa pillow. Burr over a little while in evening. Mr. P- did some jollying.

Wednesday, April 26, 1905

Looked rainy all day but the rain failed to appear. Played catch with the boys at noon and recess ? girls mad about it. Lula and Harris absent. McDougall Bro?s. hustling in oats with three teams. Received letters from Agnes and Bess. Saw Coe go by. Went over to the house real early. Worked on sofa pillow till after supper. Burr came over and helped him write up the geography of Canada and Mexico according to my outline. Grace M- feeling bad again. Libbie went to school.

Thursday, April 27, 1905

Warm and very smoky. Played ball. Lame all over as a result of such athletics. Kittie and Mrs. Parsons went to Elmira. C- sent down word that he could not come down Sunday. Wrote a note to him and asked him about coming on the car. Received a letter from Miss Flemming ? said they would come down any time convenient for me. Sewed some after school. Burr over a little while for help on geography copied what he had written in his note book for him. Grace played the joke on C- Grace brought me some lovely arbutus.

Friday, April 28, 1905

A very warm day. Ada Grand all along and stopped and talked nearly all the recess. Wanted to tell her that Ed was in the neighborhood but didn?t dare. Heard of Matie?s and Mrs. Goodwin?s prophecy. Wrote a note to C-. Father came after me. Roads some better than last week. Got home before five and cleaned door yard till supper time. Glenn and Roy down in the evening. Glenn brought his violin and I traded my wheel for it. Received a letter from Agnes saying she would come Sat.

Saturday, April 29, 1905

A gloomy drizzly day. Swept and dusted all the forenoon. Took a bath in the afternoon. Mrs. Thorne sent Eloise down to see if she could ride to church with me. Had a lot of fun with my old fiddle. Mamma mended my shoes for me. Went down and played with Billie for about an hour. Papa hitched up for me and I started after Agnes at about 4:30. Went to Mannings, Treats, Turners and Wintermites and waited a few minutes for the car. Found Agnes all right. We girls talked about all night. Laughed till my sides ached.

Sunday, April 30, 1905

A bright day but cold. Papa went away soon after breakfast. Went down to harness and Mr. Baker hitched up for me, and Agnes and I started after Arbutus (?). Had a fine ride. Went up past McDougall?s. Saw C- and Frank. Came back in time for dinner. Made a swell toilet for Mr. Kavenaugh?s benefit. He came at three. Charlie a little late. Visited and carried on till 4:30. They started home and Charlie and I drove down to H-H. with them. Went around by the junction then to Pie Valley and home. Automobiles. Got in at 8:00.

Continued on 1905 May to September