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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry LAMPMAN Nichols
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2006
Red dome of Lake street Presbyterian shows in photo. I am "pretty sure" I have an older postcard of it and will replace this photo when I find it. 
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Lake St. Presbyterian Church records are on microfilm at the Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. The page numbers are not in chronological order on the film if you go to look at them. There are over 300 pages most are of the meetings minutes. Submitted by Sherry Lampman Nichols Feb. 2006
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Page Members Names    
page 62 Dewitt Adam Dismissed March 1870
  Dewitt Elizabeth Died Dec 18, 1866
  McCann Helen  
  Smith Robert T.  
  Waters Caroline E. died 1882
  Scofield S.R. Mar 1861 installed Paster of Church (Congregational) at Lisle, NY
  Foster Phebe J. Letter to Church in Say Harbor, LI given Feb 1868
  Bartholf Rachel  
  Dewitt William P.  
  Dewitt Betsey E.  
  Labar F. (Freeman)  
  Labar Susan Died Apr 26, 1881 at Elmira, NY
  Bartholf Henrietta   
  Tubbs Kelsey Died 1868
  Tubbs Sally letter Granted Mar? 6, 1864 Candor, NY
  Campbell James Died Apr 22, 1862
  Campbell Mary T. Died May 14, 1875
  Suffern John  
  Suffern Hannah Dead
  Stevens Lafayette  
  Brown Mary T.  
  Culp Harriet  
  Elliot Ann  
  Dunmark Malvina A. Married James Owens May 5,1862
  Freeborn Margaret  
  Freeborn Hannah dismissed Oct 1,1871
  Mayby George  
  Barrett Warren Dead
  Barrett Mary Ann Died
  Howell D.E.  
  Watts Stephen Died 1866
  Watts Mrs. Stephen Letter Oct 1866
  Smith Minerva  
  Macy Sarah B. Letter Sept 10, 1861
  Dorr John  
  Howell Sarah Mills  
  Terwillager Sarah  
  Terwillager Charles G. Private 107 Regt NY Co B. Died at Feney? Oct 1862
  Terwillager W. Carr Sgt. 161 Regt. NY Co. C. died Baton Rouge May 12,1863
  Terwillager M. Farmsworth  
  Terwillager George  
  Fletcher Thomas  
  Maby Elizabeth  
page 63      
  Burlingame John T. Letter to P. Church, Granville, PA Nov. 18, 1862
  Burlingame Elmira Letter to P. Church, Granville, PA Nov. 18, 1862
  Murdock Eliza   
  Hall Caroline Herrick  
  Matthews Isabella R. away
  Hamilton Susan  
  Moody Catherine Ann  
  Moffitt William   
  Moffitt Margaret T.  
  Hubbell Samuel B.  
  Hubbell Hellen A. dead
  Reese John W. Letter
  Reese Sarah Letter
  Hamlon Lydia  
  Smith Phoebe died Apr 16, 1871
  Smith Matilida  
  Jennings Rachael died Jan 8, 1864
  Jennings Phoebe  
  Jennings Susan Married to J. W. Lovell May 21, 1862 Died 1866
  Howell Clarissa  
  Howell Eunice Letter to Methodist
  Norton Norman R. Letter Apr 1, 1864
  Norton Mary Ann Letter Apr 1, 1864
  Gephard Philip N.  died Aug 1874
  Squire T. Surgeon 89th Regt. NY
  Smith Sophia away
  Partridge Henry M.  
  Partridge Mary P.  
  Thurston Cornelius died June 25,1865
  Thurston Clarrissa  
  Dundas William  away died in Canada July 8,1885 of apoloxy
  Dundas Olivia dead
  Norton Esarr? Letter Apr 30,1864
  Norton Lietta S. married Dr. Lewis Eaton Nov 26, 1861
  Reynolds Stella joined the Episcopal Church without taking a letter
  Ferris E. Henrietta  
  Corvin Louisa Given letter to Spencer, NY Apr 26, 1877
  Brown Minerva H.   
  Murdock Isabella G. (Pratt) dead
  Murdock Kate
  Hart Erastus S. died Oct 23, 1871
  Squires Grace A.  
page 64      
  Thurston Clara deceased
  Hart Daniel  
  Smith Lucinda M.  
  Brown J. Whitbeck died Aug 29, 1863
  Tuthill Sarah Jane  
  Maxwell Zeruiah died June 1870
  McQuahar Auzubah   
  Palmer Mrs. Isabelle Letter Jan 1866
  Chapman Polly Howell  
  Ferris Cornelius Married Elias B. Satterlee May 7, 1862 Elmira,NY
  Thurston Mary P.  
  Thurston Mary D. Died Aug 1866
  Hart Sarah K.  
  Vail Eliza away
  Ireland Mrs. H. W. Died Dec 28, 1871
  Reese Wm. H. letter to Southport or Smithfield Methodist Ch. 
  Reese Rhoda (Jones)  
  Dunn D. Thompson suspended Nov 24,1863 Restored Letter Sept 17,1865
  Dunn Mary E. Letter Dec 4, 1863
  Dunn Eliza Died Aug 16,1884
  Dunn Alice R. Letter Dec 4, 1863
  Covell Mrs. Miles dead
  Covell Mrs. Lyman Died Dec 7, 1863
  Covell Alice B. Letter Dec. 1863
  Gates Rachael died
  Burlingame Margaret B.  
  Heron Glorane Cahill dismissed March 1870
  Knapp Margaret Ann  
  Loser Abbey Hinchley  
  Clarke Mrs. Wm. C.  
Feb 3, 1861 Humphey John  
  Andrews C.W.  
  Andrews Rose Letter June 21,1863
  Packer G.A. enlisted as 2nd Lieut in Co. E. NYV Sept 18,1861 letter Dec 8, 1865
  Gossler John A. Letter to Prest. Church in Lewisburg, PA Mar 29,1868
  Dorr Antoinette  excommunicated Feb 2, 1863
  Gallaghan Ellen  
  McDowell Mrs. A.   
  Shephard Wm. R.  
  Shephard Mrs. Jane/June R. died June 16,1861 in Elmira
  Terwillager Rebecca J.W.  
Fitch Andrew J. letter to P. Church Big Flats, Feb 5, 1864
Chemung County NY

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