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German Evangelical Church, Elmira, Chemung County NY
Transcribed Church Records
Chemung County NY
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This represents the first pages of the German Evangelical Church records in Elmira NY. We hope that we will be able to bring this project to full completion with access to the remaining records. Previously site guests have sent in partial information that they had compiled just on their own families. We are optimistic that we can present the full set of records on this site.

This church was organized in 1874 and the building erected in 1876. It is now used by the Church of Christ.

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Vol 1, pg 1              
1 KONIECZNY, Martha 23 Oct 1872 27 Sept 1874 Joseph Konieczsny of Stande, Ober Schlesien Albertine Rickler of Bentschen, (illegible word) Posen in Prussia Elmira, NY Ernestine Haupt, Catherina Neuer, Sophie Thiele
  AMBERG, Catherina 6 Sept. 1874 2 Oct 1874 Friedrich Amberg of Saarbrucken, Prussia Elisabeth Geib Elmira, NY Catharina Gardner
  BOUILLE, Elisa 20 Dec 1873 4 Oct 1874 Andreas Bouille of Meiningen, Sachsen Meiningen Mary Heller of Meiningen, Sachsen Meiningen Elmira, NY Elisee (or Elisa?) Ruck, Mrs. S(tein?)aueur
  LUDKE, Eduard Theodor left blank 1 Nov 1874 August Ludke Wilhelmine (no last name) Elmira, NY Lorenz Lutke, Wilhelmine Greib (or Geib?)
2 BOGRAM, Wilhelm 28 May 1874 15 Nov 1874 Eduard Bogram Mariane Katzwinkel Elmira, NY the parents
  HARTUNG, Elisabeth Clementine 1 (or 7) Dec 1874 22 Dec 1874 Franz Hartung of Bischofsheim, Bavaria Emilie Munchow of Wurschow, Prussia Elmira, NY Therese Laburt, Jacob H. Laburt
  ECKELMANN, August 1 Dec 1874 25 Dec 1874 Ludwig Eckelmann Caroline Rudke Elmira, NY Michael Doeberstein, Emilie Schenkart 
  MEYER, Wilhelm Adolph left blank 1 Nov 1874 Georg Meyer Anna Mudrack not recorded Gustav Adolph Domidion
  1875 BAPTISMS            
3 KONIECZNY, Elisabeth 1 Feb 1875 3 Feb 1875 Joseph Konieczny of Stande, Ober Schlesien Albertine Richter of Bentschen (illegible) Posen, Prussia Elmira, NY Elisabeth Munster
  BOEHLKE, Gustav Emil 9 April 1875 25 April 1875 Carl Boehlke of Doderlage (sp?), Prussia Emma Borck of Jucho (sp?), Prussia Elmira, NY Julius Borck, August Nimtz, Emilie Gehike or Gehrke
  GIRARD, Marie Friderike 1 Sept 1874 23 May 1875 Jacob Girard of Hilbersheim, Lothringen, Frankreich Catherina Flinsbach of Mastenbach, Wurtemberg Elmira, NY Marie Probre, Adam Stampp
4 GIRARD, Gottliebe Eveline 30 Sept 1874 23 May 1875 Charles Girard of Hilbersheim, Lothringen, Frankreich Elisabeth Weiss of Grossjansken (sp?), Prussia Elmira, NY Gottliebe Weiss, Anton Girard
  VOKEROTH, Friedrich Carl Henry 24 Jan 1875 23 May 1875 Friedrich Vockeroth of Hairsfeld, Chur-Hessen Katie Kimmick of Konigsweiler, Wurtemberg. Elmira, NY Charles Klapproth, Henry Vockeroth, Gertrude Mander (sp?), Anna Haase
  RIEGERDT, Emma Christina 6 May 1875 30 May 1875 Georg Riegerdt of Stadt Scherwindt, Prussia Anna Spurkart (sp?) of Verbalen, Russisch Poland Elmira, NY Christine Schornstheimer, Johann Katzwinkel
  ESCHBAUM, Johann Friedrich 3 April 1875 13 June 1875 Johann Daniel Eschbaum of Nurnberg, Bavaria not available not available not available
5 WENZEL, Herman Heinrich 13 Nov 1874 20 June 1875 Hermann Wenzel of Gromsdorf (sp?), Prussia Julie Kuhn (sp?) of Scranton, Pa. Elmira, NY Hermann Vollbrecht, Heinrich Tasch, Elisabeth Kuhn 
  FISCHER, Carolina 24 Feb 1875 27 June 1875 Jacob Fischer of Bulenberg, Oldenburg Maria Hartmann of Scranton, Pa. Town of Southport, Chemung Co., NY Peter Fischer, Maynard Hartmann
  HARTMANN, Heinrich 14 Nov 1874  11 July 1875 Peter Hartmann of Tranenweier (sp?) Margaretha Eifert (or Eisert?) of Diefenort (sp?), Sachsen Weimar, Eisenach Town of Southport, Chemung Co., NY Heinrich Eifert, Catherina Eifert (or Eisert?)
  DOBERSTEIN, Wilhelmine 20 April 1875 11 July 1875 Michael Doberstein of Bromberg, West Prussia Elisabetha Berlau (sp?) of Preuss Stargard in West Prussia not available not available
6 POHLMANN, Otto Hermann  11 Oct 1874 25 July 1875 Gustav Pohlmann of Collub, West Prussia Auguste Bahr of Rewalde, West Prussia not recorded Gottliebe Weiss, Julius Pohlmann 
  HANSEN, Caroline Regitze 29 June 1874 25 July 1875 Anton Hansen of Ribe, Denmark Christine Jensen of Faaburg, (illegible), Finnen, Denmark Elmira, NY Christine Fredenborg, Caroline Fredenborg (sp?)
  HEBBE, Anna Catherina 23 July 1875 15 Aug 1875 Julius Hebbe of Gembitz (sp?), West Prussia Pauline Friedmann of Zell, Baden Elmira, NY Catherina Friedmann, August Ludke
  HASENSTAB, Friedrich August 12 Nov 1874 5 Sept 1875 Franz Hasenstab of Bruckenau, Bavaria Louise Bansbach of Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY Elmira, NY not available
Chemung County NY
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