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Breesport Baptist Church
Town of Horseheads, Chemung County NY

I am hoping this is the Baptist Church in Breesport. I have a labeled photo of the Methodist Church which differs from this substantially, so I assume this is the Baptist by default. Please correct me if wrong, or confirm if correct. 
Probably incorrect since it does not match photo submitted later at bottom of page
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Photo from Frank Patterson's collection

FEBRUARY 20, 1847—Deed showing one acre of land purchased from David Heller for Baptist Meeting house and burying ground for the sum of $25.00.

(From Horseheads Baptist Church’s Records)

NOVEMBER 6, 1856—"It was also voted to give Deacon Taylor a deed of the new Baptist Church at Breesport or raise the amount due on said house."

FEBRUARY 25, 1860—"There was a resolution passed in regard to the Branch of the Church of Breesport. Resolved that we cannot approve their giving letters of dismission to any member of Brach or Church without a vote of this body."

NOVEMBER 10, 1866—"The committee previously appointed….$100 for Pastor’s services every other Sabbath at our Meeting House in Breesport at 3 o’clock P.M. for this year 1866."

MAY 4, 1867—"…Brethren at Breesport requested to be allowed a separate church organization."

(From our Church Records)

First entry in Breesport records July 20, 1867—List of charter members.

Robert austin lucinda white
susan austin corella brees
helen austin elisha harden
george elston jane harden
betsy elston margaret harden
burton staples ann benson
margaret staples esther hammond
silvia staples mary barnes
jasper jones sallie willcox
elvira jones harriett mcmillen
ira jones elizabeth alexander
william h. jones betsy crandle
emily myers jacson brees
mary humphry jackson wife
david white betsy van jorden

eliza humphry’s name was added to this list on February 28, 1879,

SEPTEMBER 11, 1867—thirty members from First Baptist Church, Horseheads, N.Y., transferred membership to the Breesport Baptist Church.

DECEMBER 6, 1867—"On motion the trustees were authorized to transfer to the Baptist Church at Breesport the title of this church to property (House of Worship)." (Horseheads Records)

DECEMBER 18, 1867—Preamble to Constitution adopted for legal organization and to hold property.

APRIL 15, 1879—Purchase house and land from the estate of Charles E. Brees (Mrs.) for parsonage. Amount $550.

JULY, 1906—Voted to have services every Lord’s Day.

DECEMBER 12, 1916—New bell dedicated.

ABOUT 1923—Church wired for electricity.

1925—First talk of putting a cellar under the church.

JUNE, 1927—Parsonage wired for electricity.

APRIL 28, 1930—Incorporated as Breesport Baptist Church, Mrs. Elen Staples, as the only living charter member, signed the papers.

OCTOBER, 1933—Mrs. Thelma Beuter, Church Clerk, saves Church Records from fire in her home.

APRIL 28, 1934—Consolidated Erin and Breesport Baptist Churches.

1939—Sold Erin Baptist Church, using proceeds to repair our church.

MAY 1, 1945—Voted to be self-supporting, and give partial support of $25 a month to missionaries Rev. Ernest Beuter and family in Haiti.

1950—Mr. Starley Bump built parsonage kitchen cupboards for $30.00

JULY 17, 1950—Breesport Baptist Church withdrew from American Baptist Convention.

JANUARY 24, 1951—Remodeling of parsonage.

1952—Annex added including Sunday School rooms, basement, furnace, rest rooms, well.

1953—Church landscaped in memory of Franklin Combs.

APRIL, 1955—Two rooms added to parsonage.

1956—Nine Sunday School Rooms added under Auditorium.

1959—Addition on back of church and auditorium enlarged.

1962—New pulpit furniture in memory of Rev. Ernest Beuter by Mrs. Beuter.

1962—Added three rooms and bath, and heating system to the Parsonage.

1962—Voted to become affiliated with the Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches.

1965—Converted heating plants of church and parsonage to gas.

1965—Baptistery oil painting done by Ralph Trask.

1965—Remodeling of auditorium by Charles Little.


1867 d. p . seas 1906 c. f. van marten
1868 nathan whitney 1909 j. h. girdwood
1869 j. b. lake No records from 1910 to 1917, Fred Nightingale was pastor
1870 thomas hart 1917 h. a. whitehead
1871 e. t. phillips 1921 william playfoot
1879 william p. omans 1925 vern smith
1880 t. p. morgan 1927 m. s. scriber
1881 g. f. potter 1929 a. h. ganoung
1885 william sharp 1937 edgar osterhout
1890 h. c. clark 1938 homer yale
1891 h. k. miller 1940 c. ellsbree
1893 r. a. gates 1942 vern spencer
1894 a, e. warren 1946 h. eisentrager
1897 w.p. hazelton 1948 fred alexander
1902 p. r. gott 1951 everette duncan
1904 h. e. space  

September 2005


I just viewed your fine work on the Breesport Baptist Church.  I have been a member there since 1972, although now my wife and I are sent by the church to minister in France.

The photo that you show as a photo of the Breesport Baptist Church is indeed the Methodist church.  I cannot tell you anything of a date.  The Baptist church was right on a corner that turns to the right.  The methodist church is still in the same location today on a straight stretch with a 90° left turn follwed by a short straight stretch and a 90° right where the Baptist church once stood.  Today we have a large worship complex about a hundred yards farther down the road.

To round out your pastors list :

                                                1968 Rev Derwin Hauser

                                                1972 Rev Craig Golden

                                                1983 Rev Frank Snyder

                                                1989 Rev Thomas King

                                                1993 Rev Frank Snyder

 Thanks for the nostalgia !

Frank Pfeifer

hello joyce great site, here is photo of breesport baptist church, i 
will also enclose as a attachment, i own old harding and grady store on 
corner of jackson and main   mike soper
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