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The Wellsburg Cemetery surrounds the Baptist Church in Wellsburg. Immediately behind it is the newer Ashland Cemetery
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This cemetery, one of the earliest in the area, is the resting place of some of the first settlers in the town. It is located on a high rise of ground in the southeastern part of the village of Wellsburg, Chemung County, New York, at the junction of Sixth and Terrace Streets. The graves encircle the church building on three sides. Hardly had the very early settlers planted their first seeds and erected their homes, their thoughts turned toward the regular observance of religious rites. The pioneer Baptist minister, the Reverend Roswell Goff, administered the gospel to his tiny flock. The church was organized on September 2, 1789, and for a year and a half met in a log cabin on the north or east side of the Chemung River (then called the Tioga). Rev. Goff came from Pittstown, Pa, and took formal charge of the congregation in February, 1791 and began keeping records on February 3rd. The membership numbered 29 souls, but by the end of 1798 the total had grown to 91. the first church edifice was dedicated on July 12, 1812. A subscription had been secured for its construction - a fund totaling $500. The ground where the church stood and where the cemetery is located was given to the society on January 4, 1812, for the sum of fifty cents, by Henry Wells. The old church building burned a few years ago and a new one built on the same site. The new building is longer in length, and extends into the old burial ground. Some gravestones were removed and placed in a pile behind the building. Their original location is not known.

Many stones in the grave yard have fallen upon the ground or stand at various angles. Some are broken and have been repaired with strap iron and cement. Many are discolored and badly eroded and many have disappeared entirely, probably by vandalism.

The following record of the gravestones was made by Joseph C. Boyd on July 13, 18 and 19, 1973. To secure some of the data it was necessary to turn over fallen stones, to remove heavy sod from others, and to rely heavily on white chalk. An extra special effort was made to bring out and record all the names and dates, even on badly weathered and eroded stones. At least 20 hours were spent on the work.

This record was copied from Mr. Boyd's records, including additional information found in 1978. Isabel Ridall, Elmira, NY.

Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age  Notes/Inscriptions
Albertson William R.   Jun 16 1859 13 yrs. 11 mos. 18 dys. son of George W. & Hylindah Albertson (b. Jun 29 1845. A badly eroded small marker)
Armstrong Daniel   Nov 2 1895 77 years (b 1817/18)
Armstrong Harriet   Jan 1888 69 yers (b 1818/19)
Arnold Catherine E. 1850 1921    
Auten John   Jul 9 1851 82 yrs. 1 mo. 13 dys. (b. May 26 1769)
Auten Mary E.   Mar 1853 4 yrs. 20 dys. dau. Of J. C. & Catherine Auten. (b. Feb or Mar 1849)
Babcock Sarah   Jun 16 1873 64 yrs. 6 mos. 8 dys wife of Samuel Babcock. (b. Dec 8, 1808. Tombstone leaning against its base)
Baldwin  Abigail S.   Apr 19 1834 1 yr. 4 mos. 19 dys. dau. Of Silas & Zemanda Baldwin (b. Nov 30, 1832. The marker is a shale stone)
Baldwin  George   Jun 14 1869 81 yrs 5 mos. 11 dys (b. Jan 3 1788 This grave was apparently obliterated by the erection of the new church after a fire destroyed the original building. The stone was found in a pile of other markers at the rear of the structure.)
Baldwin  Henry C.   Jan 26 1865 27 yrs. 9 dys (b. Jan 17 1838)
Baldwin  William   Jul 14 1857 52 years (b. 1804/05)
Baldwin  Jacob   Feb 3 1846 12 yrs. 10 mos. 19 dys. son of George & Polly Baldwin. (b. Mar 15 1833)
Baldwin  Mark   Sep 28 1863 2 yrs., 9 mos. 6 dys. son of Isaac & Cynthia Baldwin. (b. Dec 22, 1860
Baldwin  Polly   May 23 1850 56 yrs. 6 mos. 16 dys wife of George Baldwin. (b. Nov 7, 1793. Her maiden name was Beidleman. The stone was found in the pile of discarded stones behind the church.)
Baley Elizabeth   Nov 24 1830  77 years wife of Joseph Baley. (b. 1754. A shale stone with fine lettering)
Ball Elsie A.   Jan 15 1902 78 years (b. 1823 /24)
Ball J. T.   Jul 31 1887 70 years (b. 1816/17)
Ball Ilora & Inora   Mar 9 1859 4 yrs. 20 dys. (b. 1854/55)
Ball William T. Dec 7 1787 Feb 17 1866    
Ball Mary Dec 20 1793 Mar 4 1867   wife of William T. Ball (this is a shaft type monument)
Ball William S.   Sep 28 1895 71 years Sergeant, Co. A. 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry. (b 1822/23)
Barnum Israel   May 7 1847 54 years (b 1793/94. A leaning shale marker with fine lettering)
Batterson Frances B.   Feb 1 1865 24 yrs. 10 mos. 2 dys. wife of Horace R. Batterson. (b. Mar 30, 1840. The stone is broken, with the top portion leaning against the embedded lower section.)
Batterson Jacob Apr 22 1802 Jan 30 1876 73 yrs. 9 mos. 8 dys.  
Batterson Harriet Feb 5 1809 Apr 15 1874 65 yrs. 2 mos. 11 dys. wife of Jacob Batterson. (marker face up on ground)
Batterson Lotie   Jan 1 1862 1 yr. 1 mo. 22 dys. son of Horace B. & F. R. Batterson. (b. Nov 10 1860)
Benight Alvah J.   Mar 15 1843 25 yrs. 3 mos. 17 dys. son of Samuel & Sally Benight. (b. Nov 11 1817 A shale stone with excellent lettering.)
Benight Nathan   May 23 1820 7 yrs. 9 mos. 9 dys. (b. Aug 14 1812)
Benight Polly   Mar 25 1814 6 yrs. 2 mos. 28 dys. (b. Dec 25 1807)
Benight Samue   Nov 2 1851 79 yrs. 1 mo. (b. Nov 1 1772. The first settler in Ridgebury in 1798)
Benight Sally   Feb 27 1849 75 yrs. 9 mos. 25 dys. (b. May 2 1773.) wife of Samuel Benight
None None       (this is a shale marker with entire face eroded away. Could be a Benight child)
Benight Samuel   Jun 15 1821 6 yrs. 4 mos. 20 dys. (b Jan 26 1815)
Benight Thomas   Apr 4 1853 58 yrs. 7 mos. 6 dys. (b aug 28 1794)
Benight Rheuby   May 22 1881 85 yrs. 6 mos. (b. Nov 24 1795, dau of David Burt 1760-1828) sife of Thomas Benight
Benson Della   Mar 3 1871   (b 1846/47. From the Official City of Elmira record: Benson, Della, single, dau of Benjamin & Johanna Benson b. Pa. d. mar 11, 1871, at 86 Clinton St., Elmira, aged 24 yrs. She was a servant)
Bentley Mary A.   Oct 6 1843 21 years dau of James & Kezia H. Bentley. (b. 1822/23. The stone is leaning)
Bird Benjamin   Jun 24 1864 27 yrs. 3 days (b. Jun 21 1837)
Bird Margaret   Mar 24 1866 68 yrs. 9 mos 22 dys. (b. Jun 2 1797)
Bitting Emma Salisbury 1833 1886    
Blanchard Keturah   Mar 30 1858 28 yrs 5 mos. 16 dys wife of George S. Blanchard. (b. Oct 3 1829. The stone is leaning)

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