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 Read by Sherry, Stacy, and Chrissy Nichols in 1999

Typed by Linda Selub

Photo by Joyce M. Tice August 11, 1999

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Name of Cemetery: Scotchtown Cemetery
Read by: Sherry, Stacy and Chrissy Nichols
Date Read: All burials found from the actual reading or records up to Dec. 1999
Typed by: Linda Selub
Location: Scotchtown is located about halfway between Breesport and Erin, NY. Coming from Breesport its on the right side of Route 223.
Organized: The First Associated Reformed Church of Erin was established in 1836 with the first burials around the church. The church was torn down in 1874 and the Scotchtown Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1880.

Cemetery Section Map
A to Be
Bixby to Butts
E to G
Ha to Hi
Ho to I
J to L
N to P
Q to Ro
Ru to Sq
St to V
W to Y
Last First date of birth date of death age comments& relationship section
Abbott George J. 1892 1-Sep-1961     K
Abbott Agnes M. 1890 27-Nov-1982   wife of George J. K
Aber Irja Rostedt 1915 11-Feb-1970     L
Adamy Mina Davis 1851 11-Nov-1934     C
Albertson Anna   5-Jun-1932 age 46 no tombstone  
Alexander Benjamin J. 1911 10-Sep-1972     F
Alexander Betty J. 1926   wife of Benjamin J. F
Alexander Benjamin S. 1824 1903     G
Alexander Sarah B. 1831 1913   wife of Benjamin S. G
Alexander Elbert J. 1863 11-May-1920   father of Eva Westbrook  
Alexander Eva D. 1886 4-Aug-1970   wife of Ray Blauvelt; married to Charles Westbrook 1st G
Alexander Merle Miles 1905 28-Nov-1961     L
Alexander Laura L. 1905 1997   wife of Merle Miles L
Allington Donald 1914 3-Feb-1987     I
Allington Theola Emma 1915 2-Jun-1986   wife of Donald I
Andrus Leon E. 1931 14-Dec-1976     I
Andrus Eleanora M. 1923     wife of Leon E. I
Appleby Benjamin 1896 13-Jul-1946     M
Appleby Raymond E. 6-Sep-1899 13-Nov-1980   Pvt. US Army WWI M
Appleby Anna Bailey   1-Oct-1988 age 87 wife of Raymond E. M
Armstrong Ambrose 1814 1897   Co. 8 H Art NY Vol E
Armstrong Pheba 1822 1903   wife of Ambrose E
Arnold Everet Edwin 8368 4-Sep-1990   Pvt. US Army WWII L
Ashley Isaac F. 1892 1-Aug-1966     K
Ashley Mabel Lunora 1889 29-Oct-1979   wife of of Isaac F. K
Assay Lydia M. 1880 17-Jan-1942   wife of Preston Becker F
Austin Rose Carrie 21-Mar-1914     wife of Allyn James Nichols L
Austin Albert T. Sr. 1909 20-Aug-1992   Married Dec. 19, 1940 L
Austin Irene K. 1921 30-Mar-1987   wife of Albert T. Sr. L
Austin Albert T. Jr. 1951     Married 20-Mar-1982 L
Austin Judith M. 1957     wife of Albert T. Jr. L
Austin Earl   3-Nov-1934 age 37 no tombstone  
Austin Edwin A.   5-Apr-1934 age 82 no tombstone A
Austin Eunice   3-Nov-1934 age 67 no tombstone  
Austin Floy M.   5-May-1888 age 88 no tombstone M
Austin Frank E. 1929 29-Apr-1977     M
Austin Marleah J. 1930     wife of Frank E. M
Austin Issac DeVere 1907 21-Jan-1955     M
Austin Robert R.   8-Oct-1882 age 67-7-25 with Francis Ryan, his daughter A
Austin Francis J.   3-Oct-1883 age 24 years wife of I.J. Ryan A
Austin Mary Jane 1858 03-Jun-37   wife of Brigham Wheaton K
Babcock Malilda 1825 1892   with Bush family B
Bailey Anna   1-Oct-1988 age 87 wife of Raymond Appleby M
Bailey Cora   15-Apr-1947 age 68 no tombstone F
Bailey Daniel 30-Apr-1848 10-Jun-1930     F
Bailey Sarah A. 18-Mar-1852 30-Nov-1931     F
Bailey Junita Mae 6-Sep-1934 age 7 no tombstone K
Bailey Leon   1-Feb-1975 age 76 no tombstone K
Bailey Lewis   2-Jan-1941     F
Bailey Lynden C. 16-May-1918 10-Oct-1988     M
Bailey Helen E. 9-Sep-1910     wife of Lynden M
Bailey N.B.   8-Nov-1885 age 83-2-19   B
Bailey Hannah   12-Jun-1888 age 86-9-4 wife of N.B. B
Bailey Emma   14-Feb-1881 age 40-9-4 daughter of N.B.& Hannah B
Bailey Nancy 1894 1912     B
Bailey Rena E. 1909 17-Jul-1949   with George Gaylor K
Bailey Rose Morgan   14-Dec-1951 age 71 no tombstone F
Bailey William   13-Aug-1935 age 53 no tombstone  
Baker Charles 1829 1909     D
Baker Julia A. 1837 1897   wife of Charles D
Baker James 1836 1908     F
Baker Martha 1844 9-Mar-1920   wife of James F
Baker William Lewis 18-Apr-1925 28-Apr-1981     L
Baldwin Charles Melvin 25-Dec-1922 9-Feb-1986   Pvt US Army WWII I
Baldwin Enza R. 1922 11-Aug-1976   wife of Charles I
Baldwin Ephram W. 16-Feb-1826 27-Sep-1890   GAR Co. E. 86 NY Vol D
Baldwin Catherine 2-Sep-1829 22-Jan-1904   wife of Ephram W. D
Baldwin George W. 1867 19-Nov-1937   son of Ephram & Catherine D
Baldwin Elgene E. 1869 21-Apr-1960   wife of George W. D
Baldwin Clara V. 1893 1902   daughter of George & Elgene D
Bales Lee 1882 27-Jun-1937     G
Bales Mildred 1880 12-Mar-1935   wife of Lee G
Banfield Eugene 1869 18-Jun-1959     F
Banfield Mary 1876 8-Feb-1954   wife of Eugene F
Banfield Ira E. 1832 1906     F
Banfield Ann 1833 1908   wife of Ira E. F
Barber Charles H. 1872 12-Mar-1958     L
Barber Annie E. 1874 9-Apr-1949     L
Barber Lillian 1885 25-Jan-1956   married to Orace R. Blauvelt K
Barchet Ruth C. 1900 9-Aug-1989   wife of William H. Palmer A
Barnes Emmet 1852 27-Nov-1939     K
Barnes Mary Jane 1854 16-Mar-1936   wife of Emmet K
Barnes Ira Emmett   1-Dec-1961 age 74yrs no tombstone K
Barnes Sarah Parks   3-Jan-1965 age 78yrs wife of Ira E. (no tombstone) K
Barnes Mary   20-Dec-1892 age 59yrs   A
Basl William 8-May-1920 9-Aug-1920     I
Beach Paul W.       moved to Forest Lawn  
Bean Charles   18-Aug-1923 age 5 mo no tombstone H
Bean Harold C. 1913 4-Apr-1993     H
Bean Eleanor T. 1913     wife of Harold C. H
Bean James 1926       G
Bean Euna 1926     wife of James G
Bean Daniel 1959     son of James & Euna G
Bean infant   3-Nov-1953     G
Beane Charles V. 1881 28-Jul-1956     H
Beane Elva B. 1883 1966   wife of Charles V. H
Beane Dora   8-Oct-1910 age 1 day daughter of Charles V. & Elva H
Becker Asa V. 1850 1912     F
Becker Lucy Leavens 1857 3-Nov-1931   wife of Asa (maiden name Leavens) F
Becker Cornelius   12-Nov-1854 age 71yrs   B
Becker Jannett   25-Oct-1859 age 76yrs wife of Cornelius B
Becker Cornelia   28-Mar-1842? 28yr 10mo 28dy daughter of Cornelius & Jarrett B
Becker Cyrus Jay 1860 11-Aug-1936     F
Becker Elsie M. Wallis 1864 9-Feb-1937   wife of Cyrus (maiden name Wallis) F
Becker Leah C. 1898 12-Aug-1939     F
Becker Garret S. 25-Apr-1815 17-Dec-1890     B
Becker Clarinda McDoel 6-Nov-1825     wife of Garret (maiden name McDoel) B
Becker Cornelius 1853 1864   son of Garret & Clarinda B
Becker Infant       son of Garret & Clarinda B
Becker Sarah 14-May-1817 17-Oct-1898   daughter of Garret & Clarinda B
Becker Socrates A. 1853 1864   son of Garret & Clarinda - Cornelius & Socrates have separate stones with Cornelius Becker; Cornelius stone says he died 4-Apr-1862, age 9 yrs, Socrates says he died 23-Sep-1864, age 9 years B
Becker Preston E. 1850 4-May-1928     F
Becker Lydia M. Assay 1880 17-Jan-1942   wife of Preston E. (maiden name Assay) F
Becker Richard W. 10-May-1924 22-Jan-1925   son of Wm & Edna F
Becker Stewart G. 1863 25-Sep-1927     F
Becker Nettie M. 1868 20-Apr-1941   wife of Stewart G. F
Becker William C. 1887 20-Jul-1974     F
Becker Edna Griffen 1893 26-Jun-1987   wife of William C. F
Beckwith Elisha 29-Apr-1799 13-Jan-1880 81yr 1mo 20dys   A
Beecher N. Jay 1865 1899     D
Beecher Emma C. 1870 9-Jul-1959   wife of N. Jay D
Bement Milo 1876 20-Feb-1947     G
Bement Lois Eva Butts 1872 13-Aug-1937   wife of Milo E.  G
Benesh Cliford C. 1934 28-May-1990   American Legion I
Benjamin George Henry 1912 3-Nov-1968     L
Benjamin Kathy 14-Oct-1956     with George Norton C
Benjamin Bobby Lee Charles 9-Oct-1974 16-May-1997   son of Kathy (with George Norton) C
Bennett Albert E. 1879 6-Dec-1976     K
Bennett Inez Francis 1887 1-Jan-1976   wife of Albert E. K
Bennett Harry L. 1890 2-Sep-1982     K
Bennett Lynn F. 29-Mar-1922 10-Oct-1993   SI US Navy WWII b. Williamsport, Pa - son of Albert & Inez Guild Bennett K
Bennett Charles H. 1846 21-Feb-1934     G
Bennett Julia A. 1840 12-Nov-1919     G
Bennett Harry L.   2-Sep-1982 age 92yrs no tombstone K
Bennett John T. 1851 22-Jul-1927     D
Bennett Hiram K. 1831 4-Feb-1923     E
Bennett Hannah B. 1852 13-Dec-1933   wife of Hiram K. E
Bensley William 1855 27-Mar-1937     H
Bensley Martha Jenkins 1860 29-Apr-1939   wife of William  H
Beveridge Helen S.   8-Jul-1843   daughter of James & Faslet (?) A
Subj:  My Grandfather Was 81 When He Passed Away.
Date:  08/29/2003 7:07:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To:  JoyceTice

Dear Joyce,
        My name is Lloyd Appleby and I am the grandson of the late Raymond Earl Appleby. I am writing to you so you can update your records on your website of cemetery records of Scotchtown Cemetery. My grandfather, Raymond was 81 years
old when he passed away in 1980. I didn't see that on your cemetery records page though. Could you please see that it be added to the page under the headind of age?
         And according to my father Harold, my biological grandfather, Benjamin was 40 years of age when he passed away in 1946. I would greatly appreciate it if you could make these adjustments to the age category of the Scotchtown Cemetery records.

Sincerely,Lloyd D. Appleby

Dear Joyce,

First, and foremost, thank you, and all of those who have & continue to contribute to your awesome site!

          Secondly, It may be of interest to some that my grandfather, Harold C. Bean, was the son of Charles V. and Elva D. (Blauvelt) Bean.  Furthermore, Charles’ given 1st name was actually “Vine”, and Charles was his middle name.  He reversed them unofficially because he didn’t like his given name as he felt it given in jest due to the long vine, so-to-speak, of children bore by his parents.  (Although, I do not know who his parents were and therefore cannot confirm by evidence, or otherwise, this story as passed down through the generations.  Any ideas?)

          Finally, the “e” on the end of Bean was never officially added.  Elva added it in an attempt to be disassociated with the town drunk to whom they actually were related to.  Harold, his daughter Dorothea & son Peter, were all born as Beane’s.  The “e” was dropped before my birth in 1973.

          Could you please see to it that Charles (Vine) and Elva Blauvelt are listed as the parents of my grandfather, Harold C. Bean?  Thank you so much.
Sincerely, Jennifer (Bean) Whelan

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/25/2000
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On  01/25/2000
By Joyce M. Tice
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