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Name of Cemetery:    Savory Cemetery
Read By:  Joseph & Doris Boyd
Date Read:   6/30/75
Typed By:   Cheryl M. Gray
Location:  Village of Chambers, Town of Catlin, Chemung County, NY
Other comments:

The Savory Cemetery is located in the village of Chambers, Town of Catlin, Chemung County, New York. It is situated on the Camp Ground Road, .01 of a mile from the intersection of that highway and New York State Route #414 (Corning – Watkins Glen). It is also .03 of a mile from the Steuben County boundary line.
The site measures about 90 feet in width and 135 feet in depth, is fenced on three sides, and there are 10 very large and old maple and oak trees growing on the boundary lines. The cemetery name board lays against the front, or road, side fence. The grass is mowed and there is no brush, weeds or high grass, but some markers on the west side are standing in thick [growth of] tiger lilies.
There are many more graves than there are tombstones. Half a dozen unmarked fieldstone stubs dot the grounds and there are three graves marked only by wax flowers. Numerous depressions locate “forgotten” resting places. There could be as many as 25 or 30 additional graves of this type.
The following record was made by Joseph and Doris Boyd on June 30, 1975. Data in brackets does not appear on the tombstone, but has been added for interest. Likewise, the surname for wives, sons, and/or daughters has also been added for clarity.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Allen Anna 08-16-1872 1/10/41   (This grave has no tombstone, but is marked by an American Legion Auxiliary standard with the name and data cast on the back.)
Allen John J. 1871 1962   (This grave has no tombstone, but is marked with a funeral director's standard with the data contained thereon.)
Bailey Frank 1865 1927   "Father"
Bailey Elvira 1871 1924   "Mother"
Bailey Fred L. 1891 1941   "Father"
Bailey Emma J. 1897     "Mother" (No death date)
Blossom Warren 1890 1971    
Cady Matilda Ann 10/10/1835 09/20/1873    
Cuffman Fidelia T.   12/23/1841 20 years, 2 months, 27 days Wife of John W. Cuffman. (Born 09/26/1821)
Dembey Ethel M. 1903 1933    
Dembey Juniata H. 1885 1934    
Easling Adrian J. 1907 1932   (Same marker as Guy D. Easling and Mae R. Easling)
Easling Guy D. 1872 1936   (Same marker as Adrian J. Easling and Mae R. Easling)
Easling Mae R. 1883     (No death date) (Same marker as Adrian J. Easling and Guy D. Easling)
Eliot Lydia       "Mr 2 Bo . Died ." (This marker is a home-made concrete tombstone whose center has eroded away and the data is lost.)
          thick shale marker stone which has been decorated, but has never had any data cut into it
Elliot  Jess   1948   (This grave has only a funeral director's standard with the data and name upon it.)
Elliot  Leslie Leroy 12/15/34 12/24/34   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Elliot. (A small home-made fieldstone marker with wood-shed lettering and design. It measures about 16" in height and 8 1/2" in width.)
Elliott Samuel E. 1890 1962    
Elliott Florence 1896 1967    
          small unmarked fieldstone stub
French Virginia A. 1870 1966   "Mother"
Fuller Burlington G. 7/7/06 4/11/16    
Fuller George W. 1870     (No death date) (Same marker as May Fuller)
Fuller May 1881 1948   (Same marker as George W. Fuller)
Fuller Hannah   02/14/1857 2 years,8 months,7 days Daughter of George W. and Catherine Fuller. (Born 06/07/1854)
Fuller Lorena M.   11/01/1858 7 years, 5 months, 27 days Daughter of George W. and Catherine Fuller. (Born 05/05/1851)
Fuller Mary Ida   08/21/1862 4 years, 2 months, 2 days Daughter of George W. and Catherine Fuller. (Born 06/19/1858)
Fuller Lucy 09/22/1791 09/10/1870   Wife of William Fuller. (This is a thin, dark shale stone with home-made lettering, and is in an excellent condition.)
Gibson James W. 06/09/1854 5/9/28    
Gibson Lois 9/9/29 7/18/33   "Our Baby" (This is a small tombstone with the child's photograph affixed to the front face.)
Halm George 1853 1925   (Same marker as Hannah Halm)
Halm Hannah 1855     his wife (Same marker as George Halm)
          blank fieldstone stub
Hazen Mark S.   06/27/1888 88 years Co. C, 188th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. (Born 1839 or 1840) (Same marker as Emma Hazen)
Hazen Emma 05/22/1851 10/22/21   Wife of Mark S. Hazen. (A shaft-type monument with the shaft laying on the ground.) (Same marker as Mark S. Hazen)
Hazen Samuel R. 1844 1917    
Kern Mary 1872 1926    
King Lorena F. 1898 1974   (This tombstone has her photograph affixed to the front face.)
Knights Frank D. 1887 1922    
          12" x 8" cement block set flush with the ground, it has what appears to be a design in the center with letters around the edge, it could not be read, it may or may not be a marker stone
Knights Harold 1912     (No death date) (Same marker as Edith M. Knights)
Knights Edith M.  1915 1965   (Same marker as Harold Knights)
Knights Harold, Jr.       1932 (only date)
Knights Julia 1917 1969    
Lane William 1859 1941   (Same marker as Estella H. Lane)
Lane Estelle H. 1868 1932   (Same marker as William Lane)
Lane William S. 1818 1893   "Father"
Lane Mary 1827 1916   "Mother"
Lane Freddie   03/11/1864 7 months, 24 days Son of William S. and Mary Lane. (Born 07/16/1863)
Lane Hulda   12/26/1857 1 year, 8 months, 26 days Daughter of William S. and Mary Lane. (Born 03/30/1856)
Lane Miner   01/06/1862 15 years, 1 month, 1 day Son of William S. and Mary Lane. (Born 12/05/1846)
Lane Rosa   02/18/1861 7 years, 6 months, 8 days Daughter of William S. and Mary Lane. (Born 08/10/1853)
Lauferswiler Albert       1965 (only date) (Probably an infant)
Liller Albert James       1962 (only date)
Liller Nancy 1881 1944   "Mother" (Same marker as Albert Liller)
Liller Albert 1906 1959   "Son" "Tex" (Same marker as Nancy Liller)
Ostrander Eugene 1872 1943    
Personius Adeline 1862 1940    
Personius James 1862 1949    
Personius James W. 1888 1917   "Father"
Personius Pearl 1891     his wife, "Mother" (No death date)
Russell Daniel   01/19/1861 3 years, 9 months, 18 days Son of T.J. & Lydia Russell (Born 04/01/1857)
Savory Charles   8/7/11 65 years (Born 1845 or 1846)
Savory Delphine   9/7/10 70 years (Born 1839 or 1840) (This tombstone not found in 1975. Data from Staver record of 1932.)
Savory Wilbur W.   03/12/1899 79 years (Born 1819 or 1820) (Has a GAR standard by his tombstone.)
Savory Rachel   07/14/1852 35 years Wife of Wilbur W. Savory. (Born 1816 or 1817)
Savory Frank   03/21/1869 25 years, 10 months Son of Wilbur W. & Rachel Savory. (Born 04 or 05/1843.) (Tombstone broken into two pieces and leans against the base.)
Savory Ira   02/09/1842 65 years, 6 months (Born 07 or 08/1776.) (Not found by Boyd in 1975.) (Staver Record 08/13/1932.)
Savory Lovina   09/29/1861 83 years (Born 1777 or 1778.) (Not found by Boyd in 1975.) (Staver Record 08/13/1932.)
Savory Phidelia   03/11/1851 9 years, 4 months Daughter of Wilbur W. & Rachel Savory. (Born 10 or 11/1841.)
Savory Adaline 12/28/1819 01/02/1857   Wife of Wilbur Savory. (Tombstone is badly eroded and leaning against a tree.)
Savory William R.   12/24/1850 34 years, 4 months Born 07 or 08/1816.) (His surname is spelled "SAVOURY" on his tombstone.)
Savory Ann E.   09/12/1858 12 years, 11 months, 28 days Daughter of W.J. & Nancy Savory. (Born 09/15/1845.) (Tombstone leans against an adjacent marker.)
Savory William R.   10/18/1861 10 years, 8 months, 23 days Son of W.J. & Nancy Savory. (Born 01/25/1851.)
Stevens Robert William 1920 1968    
          unmarked fieldstone stub
Tice Arilla   05/02/1854 30 years, 2 month, 25 days (Born 02/07/1824.)
          old shale marker stone whose entire face has eroded away and there is no data
Walrath Freeman 1892 1960   (Same marker as Hannah Walrath)
Walrath Hannah 1900     (No death date.) (Same marker as Freeman Walrath)
Wetherel Ansel   02/11/1860 64 years, 3 months, 23 days (Born 10/18/1795.) (Spelling of the surname is correct as it appears on the tombstone.)
Wetherell Ansel 1824 1897   (Same marker as Amelia Wetherell)
Wetherell Amelia 1833 1905   his wife (Same marker as Ansel Wetherell)
Whitford James   03/28/1895 51 years "Father" (Born 1843 or 1844.)
Whitford Cornelia   12/23/00 50 years "Mother" (Born 1849 or 1850.)
Whitford Joseph   12/23/1870 70 years, 1 month, 5 days (Born 11/18/1800) (Tombstone is broken into two pieces and the break is through the death month.)
Whitford Thusy   02/29/1892 81 years, 7 months, 4 days Wife of Joseph Whitford. (Born 07/25/1810.) (Tombstone is broken into two pieces with the break through the death year.
          two small markers about 16" high and 6" wide, there is no data on either one except the name "Chester" on one, and the name "Jay" on the other
Whitford William 1831 1910   "Father", Co. D, 23rd N.Y. Vols.
Wilcox Walter S. 1857 1935   (Same marker as Frances A. Wilcox)
Wilcox Frances A. 1861 1950   (Same marker as Walter S Wilcox)
Wilcox Leroy   03/29/1883 2 years, 4 months, 2 days Son of Walter S. & Frankie Wilcox, "Our Darling" (Born 11/27/1880.)

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/28/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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