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Inman Burial Ground, Town of Baldwin, Chemung County, NY
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 On Sunday, October 29, 2006,  Rod & Pat Wainwright, Clayton & Suzanne Murphy, Dan Cleveland and Jim Hicks (a member of the sportsman's club) visited the site of a Randall family cemetery, located on the Fir, Fin, and Feather Sportsman's' Club property on Federal Rd. in the Town of Baldwin (just over the Town of Erin, NY line).   There were signs of the Randall Family dwelling situated near the cemetery; in the plot were two gravesites.  One was for Ebenezer (who died in 1810), son of Isaac & Hanna Randall; also, there is a grave for Sarah E., who died March 27, 1839 (lifespan, 1 month and 17 days), daughter of Isaac & Hanna Randall.  If there are more graves, they were not visible to any of us.  None of us were aware of this small cemetery, prior to Mr. Cleveland sharing the information on line with Jean and Jerry Randall.  Pat Wainwright, Curator/Librarian for the Erin Historical Society, noted that she did not know that the cemetery existed, and it is not listed in any of the cemetery books that she has seen or has at the Erin Museum.  Several photos were taken of the cemetery/gravesites and will be shared as soon as they are developed and available.  Our thanks to Pat for picking up on this information and suggesting the excursion.  Thanks also to Dan Cleveland for sharing.
    It should be noted that the property on which this cemetery is located, is the property of the Fir, Fin, & Feather Sportsman's Club.  No one should attempt to access this cemetery without the express permission of the club.  Mr. Jim Hicks, a club member, was kind enough to have made the arrangements for our excursion and accompanied us to the site.
    We had a great day for tramping through the beautiful woods to the cemetery location.  We extend our thanks the club for allowing us to go to the cemetery and take photographs and document the plot.  .

Submitted by:  Suzanne M. Murphy, Town of Erin Historian. 

Hello Joyce,
Have you been keeping an eye on the Cemetery discussion on the mailing  list.
Dan Cleveland said there are some graves on the property of the FIR, FIN, ANDFEATHER sportsmen's club.  My brother at one time was a member and he remembered the infant grave.  He use to run his beagles over in that area.
Well to make a long story swift, I have called a member who takes care of the place and he is going to meet us about 2 PM on Sunday the 29th at the club house.
Would you like to join us?  The Murphy, us and possibly Dan Cleveland will be meeting at the club house.  Clayton will be taking his digital camera, but I thought you might like to take your own photos and between all of us maybe we can read some of
the stones.

You have the directions to the N. Chemung Cemetery from there it is easy to find the INMAN Cemetery (that is what I am naming it).\
Coming up from Elmira Via Jersulem Hill Road, you would make a right onto the Federal Rd. which is just before the N. Chemung Cemetery.  About 3 miles after you turn you will come to the Joe Green Rd. on the right.  Just pass there on the right is the Fir, Fin & Feather's driveway.  Sign up on the bank. We would love it if you came.  Please let me know if you will be there or not.

We had a lovely time at your place and want to come back in warmer weather to really take a good look at the albums.
Pat Wainwright

Subject: Sarah & Ebenezer RANDALL -  Chemung, Chemung County, NY

Computation done by "Your Guide To Cemetery Research" by, Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Children of Isaac & Hannah RANDALL: - Chemung, Chemung County, NY

Probably Sarah & Ebenezer RANDALL were twins:

Sarah E. RANDALL - Died 27 March 1839 - 1 mo. 17 days (age)
                            Born: 10 February 1839

Ebenezer RANDALL - Died  11 March 1840 (IF BORN SAME DAY AS SARAH)
                              1 Yr. 1 mo. 1 day (age)
                             Born:  10 February 1839

To add to your files. If you disagree with above please let us know.
Jerry & Jean RANDALL -

Photos by Dan Cleveland October 2006
Isaac RANDALL & Hannah INMAN
Photo submitted by Jerry & Jean Randall from archives of the Family of David Moufarrege
Isaac Randall - 1814 - 26 FEB 1885
Hannah Inman - 16 SEP 1809 - 01 MAY 1893
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 19 NOV 2006
By Joyce M. Tice
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