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Harvey & Rebecca Price Cemetery

Price Cemetery #2

Town of Chemung, Chemung County, New York

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Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1974

Typed by Deborah M. VANHOOK Park

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July, 1999

Harvey & Rebecca Price Cemetery
Read by: Joseph C. and Doris Boyd, aided by Mr. Grace
Read August 21, 1974
Typed by: Debora M. Vanhook Park
Location:  The Price Cemetery # 2 is located on the east side of the Mallory Road in the extreme northern part of the Town of Chemung, Chemung County, NY.

The Harvey and Rebecca Price (Price #2) Cemetery is situated on the east side of the Mallory Road in the extreme northern part of the Town of Chemung, Chemung County, New York. Its location is mid-way between the intersections of the Putt Hill Road and the Miller Hollow Road with the Mallory Road, a dirt highway whose southern terminus is on the Wynkoop Road.

The 20’ x 40’ plot is a private burial ground on the Robert Simcoe Grace property, known locally as the “Old Price Farm”. The present owner is the great-grandson of Harvey Price, who took possession of the land in the late 1840’s and lived in a log cabin only a few feet from the present cemetery.  The small plot is marked by 14 evergreen trees, which tower over the open surrounding fields. There is one shaft-type monument and a single standing tombstone. A second marker lies on the ground. There are individual headstones for those who are inscribed on the shaft-type monument, but the markers contain only the initials of those whose graves they mark. The ground is rough and pitted with woodchuck holes, despite the efforts of Mr. Grace to rid the area of the destructive and useless animals.

The following record was made by Joseph C. and Doris Boyd on August 21, 1974, aided by Mr. Grace. Data in brackets does not appear on the tombstones, but has been added for interest.
Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription, Relationship or Comments
PRICE Harvey 9/29/1824 none
(No death date. He was a carpenter and a farmer with 64 acres in the Town of Chemung in 1868.)
PRICE Rebecca M. 4/1/1827 none
(No death date.)
PRICE Herbert 11/29/1868 6/9/1869

PRICE Gertrude 1/3/1855 9/17/1865

PRICE Morgan 11/14/1856 2/9/1857

PRICE Alice E. 6/25/1851 10/18/1851
The last four are Children of Harvey & Rebecca Price; a shaft-type monument.)
PRICE Thaddeus 1860or1861 6/28/1867 6 yr Son of E.W. & E.E. PRICE; a white tombstone laying on the ground.)

No tombstone. Mr. Grace reported that his grandfather was buried in the cemetery.
SIMCOE Katie L. 10/26/1861 8/30/1892
Wife of Robert Simcoe, daughter of Harvey & Rebecca PRICE.

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Chemung County NY
Published On Site On 07/21/1999
By Joyce M. Tice

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