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Name of Cemetery: Post Creek Cemetery
Read by: Joseph C. & Doris Boyd
Date Read: 30-Jun-75
Typed by: Debora M. Vanhook Park
Location: Hamlet and Town of Catlin, Chemung County, NY

The Post Creek Cemetery is located in the tiny hamlet of the same name, in the Town of Catlin, Chemung County, New York. It is situated at the southeast corner of the intersection of New York State route #414 and the Post Creek Road, occupying about one acre of ground. There are very few fallen markers, but numerous unmarked stubs and shale stones dot the site. High grass and brambles grow in places where there are no or few tombstones. The surface of the ground is very rough, and sunken graves are many. Sticks and small pipes driven into the ground mark either graves or plot corners. The whole of the cemetery has open areas minus tombstones, but undoubtedly these places contain unmarked resting-places or forgotten graves. The number of these tombs could be as high as 50 or 60.

Joseph C. and Doris Boyd made the following record on June 30, 1975. Data in brackets does not appear on the tombstones, but has been added for interest. Likewise, the surname has been added in the case of a wife, son, and/or a daughter for the sake of clarity.

Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription, Relationship, Comments
BEEBE Charles H. 1856 1/12/1896 89y
BEEBE Sabrina A. 7/2/1822 9/28/00 78y 2m 26d A Shaft-type monument.
BROWN Mary J. 1860 1903
Wife of G. D. BROWN
BUCHER Annie A. 1855/56 4/30/1881 25y Wife of Milo BUCHER, Jr.; remainder of age (25y) is badly eroded and cannot be read.
BUCHER Clyde D. 1906

No death date given.
BUCHER Ferris L. 1879 1948

BUCHER Frederick 7/7/1814 2/5/1888

Next is a funeral director's grave standard and a broken fieldstone with no data on either.
BUCHER Jacob 7/2/1781 8/25/1849 68y 1m 23d
BUCHER Jane 1/11/1783 3/25/1860 77y 2m 14d
BUCHER Jacob 9/12/1809 2/8/1890

BUCHER Catherine 9/29/1815 3/29/1839
Wife of Jacob BUCHER; an eroded shaft-type monument.
BUCHER John 1802/03 1/14/1853 50y
BUCHER Rachel 2/27/1836 8/5/1840 4y 5m 9d Daughter of John & Mary BUCHER. Tombstone leans against a fence.
BUCHER Isabel 7/1847 11/30/1848 1y 4m
BUCHER Katherine 1846 1923

BUCHER Milo 4/4/1817 3/11/05 87y 11m 7 d
BUCHER Mary Ann 12/3/1825 2/15/1891 65y 2m 12d Wife of Milo BUCHER, Jr.; remainder of age (25y) is badly eroded and Wife of Milo BUCHER; a shaft-type monument..
BUCHER Ethel 3 or 4/1876 3/24/1879 2y 11 m Daughter of Milo M. & Anna A. BUCHER.
BUCHER George W. 9/15/1854 3/24/1857 2y 6m 9d Son of Milo & Mary Ann BUCHER.
BUCHER John 9/16/1849 2/11/1854 4y 4m 26d Son of Milo & Mary Ann BUCHER.
BUCHER Milo 1852 1927

BUCHER Robert T. 1839 1912
He was a farmer with 57 acres in 1868-69.
BUCHER Margaret 1839 1909
Wife of Robert T. BUCHER.
BUCHER Rozetta 1820 1896

BUCHER Samuel 12/2/1811 9/4/1883 71y 9m 2d He was an inn-keeper and a farmer, with 80 acres in 1868-69.
BUCHER Nancy 2/7/1809 3/22/1892 83y 1m 15d Wife of Samuel BUCHER.
BUCHER George W. 6/10/1841 6/16/1841
Son of Samuel & Nancy BUCHER.
BUCHER Samuel S. 9/14/1848 9/15/1867 19y 1d Son of Samuel & Nancy BUCHER.
BUCHER Sophronia B. 6/5/1837 8/6/1840 3y 2m 1d Daughter of Samuel & Nancy BUCHER. All above data on a tall, white shaft-type monument on a fence enclosed plot.
BUCHER Simeon 1858 1942

BUCHER Elvira 10/9/1858 6/19/1881 22y 9m 10d Wife of Simeon BUCHER.
Daugher of Simeon & Elvira BUCHER; a small eroded marker with death date not readable.
BUCHER Ursula Ann 1848 1934

BUCHER Violet 1885 1956

BUCK Seely E. 1829 1899

BUCK Lucinda BENSON 1830 1880
Wife of Seely E. BUCK.
BUCK Edward A. 1860 1865

BUCK Jabez L. 1868 1872

CADY Mark 1864 1937

CADY Ella 1866 1893

CALL Olive M. 4/17/1840 10/10/1867 27y 5m 23d Wife of Silas E. CALL
COGWELL David W. 4/30/1859 12/4/1877 18y 17m 5d Spelling of surname is correct as it appears on the tombstone.
COGSWELL Cora 1879 1882

COGSWELL Arthur 1884 1885

COGSWELL Gertrude 1897 1898
All above on one tombstone.
COGSWELL Sally Ann 2/24/1822 7/23/1883 61y 4m 29d Wife of Reuell Cogswell; the spelling of Reuell is correct as it appears on the tombstone.
COGSWELL Avis E. 10/27/1849 7/29/1863 13y 9m 2d Daughter of Reuell & Sally COGSWELL.

Next is a very small unmarked fieldstone marker.
COGSWELL Frank W. 5/26/1863 2/7/1891 27y 8m 12d Son of Rual & Sally A. COGSWELL. Marker is broken into two pieces with the break being across the age year. The spelling or RUAL is correct as it appears on the tombstone.
COOK David E. 1848 1919
COOK Ella N. 1864 1958
CORWIN Frank B. 12/21/1854

No death date given; he also has a separate tombstone with the death date of 1923 on it.
CORWIN Nora 5/26/1854

No death date given.
CORWIN Ethel Z. 9/1/1884 2/27/1885

CORWIN Claudie S. 1/20/1890 3/19/1891
All data appears on a shaft-type monument.
DANN William E. 1853 1915

DANN Cornelia 1857 1932

DAVENPORT Theodore 1862 1955

DAVENPORT Lillian 1866 1951

GEE Margaret W. 4 or 5/1813 9/25/1841 28y 4m Wife of John T. GEE.
HALM Lewis 1873 1950

HALM Mollie 1882 1952

HALM Mary 6/10/1849 9/25/1884 35y 3m 15d Wife of William HALM
HALM George 1875/76 2/10/1885 9y Son of William & Mary HALM. A shaft-type monument.
Marker is broken from it's base; age line eroded badly.
HAMILTON Jane 12/7/1819 3/30/04
Wife of William HAMILTON.
HAMILTON Simon 1/20/1853 8/23/1853 7m 3d Son of William & Jane HAMILTON.
HAMILTON Stewart F. 7/14/1857 2/25/1860 2y 7m 11d Son of William & Jane HAMILTON.
HAMILTON Milo 4/16/1845 2/25/1860 14y 10m 9d Son of William & Jane HAMILTON; a single tombstone with the two epitaphs appearing side by side.
HAMILTON Franklin L. 6/9/1860 4/21/1862 1y 10m 12d Son of William & Jane HAMILTON.

Grandsons. William H., John J., Milo S. A very small and severly eroded tombstone which is almost impossible to read. The data may be incorrect.
9/19/1890 9/19/1890
Son of Willian H. & Luanna HAMILTON. "Our baby".
4/20/1894 4/20/1894
Son of William H. & Luanna HAMILTON. "Our baby".
HOOEY Ernest Edward 3/25/1891 3/23/54
New York, Pfc., Co. B, 302nd Engineers. World War I.
HOOEY Leroy E. 3/22/1882 4/21/62
New York, Wagoner, Sup Co., 307th Inf., World War I.
HOOEY Orwin 10/29/1860 4/9/1864 3y 5m 11d Son of William & Emily HOOEY.

Next is a stub of a tombstone with no data.
KIMBLE Amos 11/14/1827

No death date given. He was a farmer with 150 acres in 1868-69.
KIMBLE Mary 10/12/1834 12/24/1894
Wife of Amos KIMBLE. A shaft-type monument.
KNIFFIN Lewis F. 1832 1869
See data next below.
KNIFFIN Lewis F., Jr. 6/6/1832 12/11/1869 37y 6m 5d See data next above.
Shaft-type marker.
MIDDAUGH John 1841 1912
Co. C, 50th New York Engineers.
MIDDAUGH Sarah 1846 1928
"Mother". Wife of John MIDDAUGH.
MIDDAUGH Leonard 1874 1943

MIDDAUGH Nellie 1876

No death date.
MORROW James H. 8/30/1845 7/20/36
Co. D, 50th Regt., New York Engineers.
MORROW Nancy McELWEE 1846 1929
Wife of James H. MORROW; her data appears on the back side of her husband's gravestone.
McELWEE William 10/4/1820

No death date.
McELWEE Jane 1/4/1823 10/26/1889

McELWEE George 9/30/1856 4/12/1891
A shaft-type monument.
MORROW George W. 1872 1955

Next is a stick stuck in the ground with a wax heart-shaped floral piece attached to it. The grave appears to be recent and may be the resting place for the wife of George W. MORROW.
NEWTON Jess 1868 1938

NEWTON Mina 1866 1934
His wife.
NEWTON Bertie 1890

The only date given is 1890. Daughter of J. & M. NEWTON.
NEWTON Amos 1893 1894
Son of J. & M. NEWTON.
NEWTON Jarry 1895 1896
Son of J. & M. NEWTON.
PERRY Hiram 1843 1924

PERRY Jane 1847 1925

RINEHART Lester L. 1911

No death date.
RINEHART Gladys M. 1912

No death date.
RINEHART Roger R. 1940 1967

SMALLEY Catherine 4/1/1801 10/14/1876 75y 6m 13d Wife of James SMALLEY.
SMALLEY Jacob 2/5/1837 6/6/1864 27y 4m 1d Son of James & Catherine SMALLEY.
SMITH Nathaniel 10/18/1816 9/12/1885

SMITH Cordelia 3/18/1823

Wife of Nathaniel SMITH. No death date was ever cut into the shaft-type monument, or else the date has completely eroded away. It is impossible to determine.
STURDEVANT Cathy Ann 10/5/52 10/23/57

STURDEVANT Eaden Emerson 9/20/1880 10/10/36

STURDEVANT Lesley Leon 12/15/41 12/15/41

STURDEVANT Richard Eaden 9/1/14 11/13/37

STURDIVANT Frank L. 1/17/07

No death date. Spelling of surname is correct as it appears on the tombstone.
STURDIVANT Luella 1886 1962
Spelling of surname is correct as it appears on the tombstone.
TIMERMAN Herman 1849/50 7/1/1876 26y Son of C. & C. TIMERMAN.
VANDERGRIFT Rogenia 8or9/1846 11/27/1847 1y 2m A small marker stone so badly eroded that it is almost impossible to read. The data may be incorrect. Daughter of _____ and _____.
WEAVER Abraham 1/12/1798 4/20/1878

WEAVER Catherine 3/25/1795 8/29/1881

WEAVER Lewis 1821 1889
Co. D, 141st Regt., New York Vols. Wounded in the Battle of Atlanta, GA, in 1864.

His wife. No dates.

Below the above are the names VIOLA, OSCAR, CATHERINE, LANA, KATIE, & EDWARD, but no data. Nearby are small grave markers for Catherine & Lana, but no dates.
WILLIAMS Eliza 8/12/1827 12/17/1847 20y 4m 5d Wife of Henry V. WILLIAMS. Tombstone lays face-up on the ground in three pieces.
YAPLE Samuel 12/30/1811 8/15/1887 75y 7m 16d

Next is an unmarked fieldstone stub.

Next is a small marker with only "Mother" upon it.

Next is a small marker with only "Uncle" upon it.

MISS KATIE WEAVER, 78, died Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1936 at 7 a.m. in the family home at Big Flats. She is survived by a brother, Edward of Big Flats; several nieces and nephews. Body is in the Hilton Funeral Home, Big Flats where the funeral will be held Friday at 2 p.m. Rev. O. J. Stephenson of the ME Church, Big Flats. Post Creek Cemetery, Catlin, NY.  –Elmira Gazette 10/1936

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