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Photos by Joyce M. Tice April 1998
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Old Marsh Cemetery 

Town of Horseheads Chemung Co NY

Also called Bentley's Landing Cemetery, Wygant Road Cemetery

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Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription or Notes
Axtell Hannah Feb. 14, 1852 92y Wife of David Axtell
Axtell Sabina Aug. 15, 1857 43y Wife of John Axtell
Axtell Sally A. JULY 13, 1860 22Y Daughter of John and Sabina Axtell
Beebe Richard A. Sep. 27, 1836 4y Son of Alfred and Maria Beebe
Beers Bridget Fernbaugh Sep. 2, 1888 78 Wife of John N. Beers (See Fernbaugh)
Beers Franke Mar. 10, 1855 4y2m4d Daughter of J. N. and Bridget Beers
Beers John Sep. 24, 1861 49y4m5d
Beers William M. Mar. 15, 1853 1y3m21d Son of J. N. and Bridget Beers
Bentley Alexander B. II June 27, 1838 25y3m29d
Bentley California Sep. 7, 1849 29y10m17 Daughter of Wm. and Deborah Bentley
Bentley Deborah Oct. 2, 1843 50y9m2d Wife of Wm. Bentley
Bentley William Feb. 25, 1845 61y7d
Burris Abigal Moore 1837 1898 Mother
Burris Hampton Oct. 16, 1884 24y5m5d
Burris John W. 1838 1901 Father
Carpenter Lydia June 3, 1826 46y3m21d In memory of Lydia, Wife of William Carpenter 13CC (foot of Stone)
Dean Bridget 1830 1900 Wife (both on one stone)
Dean William  1827 1891 Husband (both on one stone)
Dean Catherine Dec. 17, 1873 81y7m7d Wife of John Dean
Dean Francis H. June 9, 1845 2y9m27d Daughter of John and Lucretia Dean
Dean John Apr. 17, 1877 89y2m14d
Dean Lucie Feb. 1, 1856 3y11m28d Daughter of T.and P.C. Dean (Stone stolen Halloween night, 1960)
Dean Marilla June 10, 1839 1y Daughter of John Jun and Lucretia Dean
Dean Sarah Jan. 20, 1861 1y8m Daughter of T. and P. C. Dean
Denning Lottie S. May 18, 1862 5y2m Daughter of B. C. and Elizabeth Denning
Dykins Marilda B. Oct. 30, 1880 47y4m24d Wife of Jedediah Dykins
Eddy Edwin Aug. 8, 1846 1y1m14d Son of Orrin and Lydia Eddy
Eddy Maria Aug. 4, 1846 3y Daughter of Orrin and Lydia Eddy
Eddy Lucy Aug. 24, 1838 62y9m21d
Eddy Martha Apr. 8, 1831 14y9m18d
Eddy Mary M. Oct. 26, 1850 11m15d Daughter of Orrin and Lydia Eddy
Eddy Waterman Oct. 11, 1838 68y?m9d
Fernbaugh Bridget Sep. 2, 1888 78y Wife of John N. Beers (See Beers)
Fisk Catherine Nov 10, 1833 4y1m22d Daughter of Abijah and Henrietta Fisk
Fisk Terissa Nov. 19, 1837 4y6m Daughter of Abijah and Henrietta Fisk
Fisk Infant Mar. 9, 1832 5d Daughter of Abijah and Henrietta Fisk
Gardner Catherine M. Aug. 20, 1865 20y10m20d Wife of Owen Gardner and daughter of L. and Eliza Hopkins (See Hopkins)
Gardner James H. Aug. 17, 1861 1y8m Son of O. J. and C. M. Gardner
Gardner William May 23, 1846 12y2m25d
Hallas Ella P. Nov. 26, 1861 8y7m10d Daughter of J. (H. or K.) and Julia Hallas
Hopkins Ada M. Dec. 16, 1849 1m20d Daughter of Norman and Sarah Hopkins
Hopkins Catherine M. Aug. 20, 1865 20y10m20d Wife of Owen Gardner and daughter of L. and Eliza Hopkins (See Hopkins)
Hopkins Daniel Dec. 17, 1860 25y8m26d
Hopkins Eliza Jan. 2, 1877 68y1m
Hopkins Emma 1851 1888 Daughter of Daniel and Eliza Hopkins
Hopkins James S. May 1, 1861 26y9m6d Son of L. and Eliza Hopkins
Hopkins John G. May 28, 1860 29y9m13d
Hopkins Lyman A. Aug. 29, 1882 10m15d Son of Lyman and Katie Hopkins
Hopkins Lyman H. 1829 1900 Father
Hopkins S. May 5, 1871 69y5m15d
Hopkins Mary E. Aug. 25, 1866 32y10m13d Wife of L. Hopkins
Hopkins Norman S. May 10, 1864 30y11m16d
Humfrey Ella M. Oct. 10, 1850 1y5m2d Daughter of Miron and Sarah Humfrey
Jay Ezra M. Apr. 22, 1834 15y1m14d Son of Peter and Esther Jay
Mathews Charles Aug. 15, 1815 Oct. 7, 1849
Moore Abigail May 15, 1854 48y10m22d Daughter of Solomon and Eunice Moore
Moore Ermina Jan. 7, 1840 35y8m17d Wife of Jeremiah B. Moore
Moore Eunice Aug. 15, 184? 76y11m18d
Moore Loulla Aug. 25, 1803 July 5, 1877 Wife of Usher H.
Moore Wm. Soloman July 3, 1835 63y3m26d
Moore Usher H. Oct. 15, 1871 71y
Parke Lucy Oct. 6, 1838 38y9m23d Wife of Joseph Parke
Perry Abie E. Oct. 14, 1862 4y11m25d Daughter of Levi M. and Susan L. Perry
Perry Theodore Oct. 27, 1862 6y10m7d Son of Levi M. and Susan L. Perry
Rickey Alley Feb. 29, 1832 79y10m11d ??????? of John Rickey
Rickey John Nov. 30, 1836 86y5m27d
Roberts Henrietta Nov. 17, 1855 2y6m18d Daughter of J. C. and L. C. Roberts
Roberts Lucy C. May 8, 1855 28y3d Wife of James Roberts
Roberts William F. Sep. 14, 1855 4m14d Son of J.C. and L. C. Roberts
Sayles Charlotte May 31 1867 60y4m26d Wife of Jacob Sayles
Sayles Mary E. May 5, 1867 26y4m Daughter of Jacob and Charlotte Sayles
Shoemaker Elizabeth Oct. 10, 1838 74y Wife of Samuel Shoemaker
Shoemaker Jacob Oct. 23, 1843 40y7m4d
Shoemaker Mary Jan. 4, 1842 55y Wife of Abram Shoemaker
Tenbrook Alley Sep. 16, 1833 58y Wife of John Tenbrook
Titsworth Martha Feb. 14, 1765 Dec. 24, 1831 Wife of Henry Titsworth
J.W.V. Handcarved on a field stone used as a headstone. The V may stand for Valleau, an early family in Horseheads section
Subj:  Alley TenBrook
Date:  10/31/2003 6:05:18 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Booth65
To:  JoyceTice

I have enjoyed reading the Old Marsh Cemetery records as I have been there some years back.  There was another stone that was very hard to read at the time I was there located next to Alley Tenbrook  Sep. 16, 1833.  From history records the following child is also buried in this same cemetery.

Found this in History of Lenawee County:
And also this from the History of Chemung, Schuyler, Tompkins, and Tioga Counties
and also included in our family records.

"9.  Lydia, Ten Brook born in 1812, and died in 1814, and was one of the few if not the first, buried near the meeting-house which was then being built, but never finished, near the residence of Mr. Joseph Hoystings. "

Lydia was the ninth born of twelve children of John Ten Brook III and Allie Lowe Ten Brook.  Their oldest daughter Anna Ten Brook was married to John Mead, my Great-Great Grandfather.

Sincerly,Doris M. Booth

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08 OCT 1997
By Joyce M. Tice
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