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I was crawling around in the attic again today during that brief interlude between too cold (yesterday) and too hot (next week). As many of you know, I live in a house that my grandparents bought in 1917. They never really moved out, just died. My grandfather died in 1960. After that my Uncle Homer lived here and then my parents moved in about 1968. They, too never moved out - just went to the nursing home in 2001, and I moved in in 2002 to a fully furnished - fully everything house and barn. Much of the "treasure" I have found here has gone to my museum out in the barn. I am still sorting and finding interesting STUFF. Anyway in today's exploratory  venture into the attic I found still another box of magazines dated 1906 to 1949 - mostly from the 1920s. This is about the third such box of old magazines I have found and they are probably left over from my Uncle Homer's 1960s residence here. He was an inveterate collector and accumulator of all things bright and beautiful, dull and ugly and so on. (I am glad I'm not like that :)  These are Ladies Home Journal, Saturday Evening Post, McCall's, etc.

Once I had shaken off the accumulated debris on each, I ended up with a pile on which the 21 NOV 1925 Saturday Evening Post was on top. That being the case I started thumbing through, looking particularly at the advertisements. It's always a surprise to me how many of the brand names and products we still use today were available in 1925. We have to remember, though, that many of the electric appliances that were advertised were not really available to our rural populations who did not get "electrified" before the mid 1930s. However, it is interesting to see how many of our "modern conveniences" were already on the market to be purchased and enjoyed.

I compiled the following list of the ads including the brand , company and product. I have also scanned a few of the illustrations. What fun!! You can't crawl around in the attic with me but you can enjoy a dust free version of my latest yield of OLD STUFF!! What could you buy in 1925? Lots!! But no computers.

Norman Rockwell Cover Painting - Kids playing football
Goodrich Zippers Fashionable Rubber Overshoes with zippers for men, women, children
Society Brand Clothes For Young Men Who Stay Young
Ivory Soap 99 44/100 % Pure & it floats
Campbell's Tomato Soup 12 cents a can 
Swift Premium Hams & Bacon
Vacuum Oil Company Lubricating Oils for Manufacturing
Hupmobile Eight 13,500 (automobiles) sold in eleven months
Buick When Better Automobiles are Built, Buick will Build Them
Fisher Bodies Body by Fisher
Grape Nuts Cereal Post Health Products
Nitro-Valspar Lacquer Finish for autos
Gabriel Balloon Type Snubbers Rubber Tires
Real Silk Hosiery Real Silk Hosiery Mills, Indianapolis
Eveready Flashlight Batteries
Mennen Skin Balm Shaving Cream
Schrader Pneumatic Valves Tire Valves, Gauges
Doran Books
Palmolive After Shave Talc
Steinway Pianos
Williams Shaving Cream Aqua Velva is our newest triumph
Oakland Six 6 Cylinder General Motors Auto
Johnson & Johnson Tribute to Graduate Nurses
Monroe High Speed Adding - Calculator
Sonora Radio
Federal Tires
National Steel Fab ric Co.
Armstrong Linoleum
Budd - Michelin All Steel Wheel for autos
Victrola Electrola and Radiola in one cabinet
DuPont Duco Finish - For auto bodies - enduring finish
Jantzen The Coat to wear anywhere
Mulsifed Hair product to maintain healthy hair "Beauty Insurance."
Simmons Chains Watch Chains
Maxwell House Coffee Good to the last drop 
Park Overcoat
Paramount Pictures Nine movies listed
Ansonia Squareclox clock
Thomas Cook & Son Book Steamers to Tour Europe
Edison Mazda Lamps A General Electric Product
Burgess Radio Batteries
The Country Gentleman Magazine
Arnold Glove Grip Shoes
Stewart-Warner Accessories Floor type heaters for automobiles
Edgeworth  Smoking tobacco
RCA Radiotron Vacuum tubes
American Hangers, Pulleys American Pulley Company
Buss Light Electric lamp
U. S. Royal Balloon Tires - United States Rubber Company
Frigidaire electric refrigerator
Ben Wade Pipes Tobacco pipes
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Freed-Eisman World's Largest Manufacturer of Neutrodyne Radio
Philco Batteries
Brer Rabbit Molasses
Kohler Plumbing Fixtures
Mohawk Carpet Mills
Dalton Adding Machine
Church Sani-White seats Toilet Seats
Richardson Roofing
Eskimo Pie 5 cents
Perfection Oil Heaters
Chrysler Four Chrysler auto
Creo-Dipt Stained Shingles
Stanley Tools
Moore Pen
Walworth Valves & Fittings
Star-Rite Toasters, Waffle Makers, Electrical Necessities
Glenn L. Martin Co. Aero B Battery Eliminator
Aetna Life Insurance
Sun Maid Raisin Bread
Middishade Blue Serge Suits
Sargent Locks & Hardware
Splitdorf Radio Receivers
Spencer Water Heaters
Winterfont  Automobile Radiators
Carnation Evaporated Milk From Contented Cows
Bird's Neponset Products Roofing, Floor Coverings
International Typewriter Exchange Typewriter prices cut
Glover's Sleep wear
Home Comfort Weatherstrip
Manning - Bowman Electric Appliances
Grinnell Pipe Fittings
Standard Diaries
Robt. Burns Cigars
Hammermill Bond Paper
White Star Line West Indies Cruises
Q Genuine Macaroni Untouched by Human Hands
Vivi Kid Women's shoes - make foot look smaller than it is
Hanes Underwear Elastic Knit Winter Underwear
Bicycle Playing Cards
Unipower Radio
Toga Towel The New Way to Dry Yourself
Pebeco Toothpaste
Follansbee Forge Steel
Beeman's Pepsin Gum Chewing Gum
Gem Nail Clippers
Wellsworth Products For Better Eyesight
Daisy Air Rifles
International Trucks
Kroehler Davenport Bed Convertible Sofa
Buescher Saxophone
Spratt's Dog Cakes & Puppy Biscuits
Barreled Sunlight Lustrous White Paint so smooth it washes like tile
Johnston's Chocolates
Great Northern  A dependable railway - The New Oriental Limited
Eagleknit caps
Amity Leather wallet
Gulbransen The registering piano
Walk-Over Shoes for men and women
Staynew Filter Corp. Automobile filters
Whitney Dressmore Shirts Wachusett Shirt Company
Woodstock Electrite Electric Typewriter - Woodstock Typewriter Co.
X-Liquid Repairs leaks in auto radiators
Banker's Supply Company Checkbook Supplies - Talk to your banker about the advantages of a checking account
Florsheim shoes
Packard Shoe
Warner Liquid Solder Stop auto radiator leaks
Brown Shoe Company Buster Brown Shoes for boys & girls
The Francisco Auto Heater
W. L. Douglas Shoes
Pathe Radio & Phonograph Company
Weyerhauser Forest Products
Curtis Publishing Company Ladies Home Journal, Saturday Evening Post, Country Gentleman
Daniel Hayes Company Gloves since 1854 (Gloversville NY)
Kolynos Dental Cream Sound teeth can be kept sound.
Cupples Tire tubes
Puritan Chocolates
American Telephone & Telegraph Bell System
Eureka Vacuum Cleaner
Riddle Decorative Lighting Fitments
Old Dutch Cleanser Makes Everything Spick and Span - Chases Dirt.
Chemung County NY

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