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Birth Recorded at Camptown
Born at Camptown, Pa., on Sunday, June 28, 1925, to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Balbach of Wilkes-Barre, a daughter.

Son Born to Rev. & Mrs. Beebe
Born at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Schulze at New Era, on Thursday, June 25, 1925, to the Rev. & Mrs. Chester Beebe, of Norwich, NY, a son.

Daughter Born at Merryall
Born to Mr. & Mrs. Ben Dean of Merryall on Friday, June 26, 1925, a daughter.

Williamsport - A son, to Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reese, Ralston, Wednesday, March 3, 1976. The mother is the former Ann M. Robbins
A daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Nichols, Jersey Shore, Sunday, Aug 3, 1986. The mother is the former Vanessa A. Laurer.

A son, to Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Reese, Ralston, Sunday, Aug. 3, 1986. The mother is the former Ann M. Robbins. 

Births in the Daily April , 2002

Joseph Bartholomew and Diana Keeney of Monroton a son Logan James 4/14/2002
Chrisptopher and Lynette Nichols Nickels of Rome, a son, Ethan Daniel 4/14/2002
Kelly Cole of Canton, Makayla Lynn 4/13/2002.
Angel Manno of Sayre, Arianna Nikole 4/12/2002
Brain and Jacquelyn Mouillesseau-Grube - Paige Rennee 4/12/2002
Robert and Kimberly Daum- Alex Robert-4/12/2002 at Towanda
Norman and Tamara Meyers Chandler of Waverly- Francis Charles 4/12/2003
Josh and Sarah Worthington Gerguson of Owego, Elizabeth Jane 4/12/2002
Ron and Jennifer Russell Shay, of Waverly-Patrick Michael 4/12/2002
Shawn and Angela Alderson Brown of Rome, Brady Orlando-4/11/2002 grandparents Maxine and Verne Alderson, LeRaysville and Sharon and the late Buck (Orlando) Brown of Rome
John and Rachel Fassett Saxe, New Albany-4/11/2002-Evan
Eric and Lora BENJAMIN OVERPECK of Towanda- Janee Pearl 4/14/2002
Christina Rought of Towanda- Makaylee 4/14/2002
Patrick and Vianna (WAKELY) WRISLEY of E. Smithfield Evan Patrick 4/17/2002
Jacob and Amy Moody of Little Meadows- Ashtyn Marie 4/19/2002
Quinn Davis and Kelly Cole of Canton-Makyla Lynn 4/19/2002
Steve and Melanie Sumner of Athens-Jesse Reid 4/23/2002
Nick and Jamie Armitage Cotto of Sayre-Alex Kay 4/21/2002
Richard and April MCLAUGHLIN West of Barton, NY-Alex James 4/22/2002
Paul and Tonya Sheets Barnett of Towanda-Wyatt Austin 4/21/2002
Elizabeth Farnham of Elmira-Ryan Williams 4/20/2002
Margaret Vincent of Towanda-Kristopher Josiah 4/19/2002
Shannon Jillson of Waverly-Rebecca Marie 4/18/2002
Eric and Emma BAILEY Manuel of New Albany- Emily Jean 4/18/2002
Thomas and Melissa Hibbard Powell of Canton- Brooke Ann 4/17/2002
Michael and Liza Miller of Glendale AZ-Michael Dylan 3/12/2002.  Grandparents Donald and the late Ellen Miller of Mehoopany and Rita and the late Robert Fairchild of Towanda. Michael Miller of Black Walnut, David and Ronda Mooers? of Tunkhannock, Bert and Ernie Snyder of Tunkhannock.
Jacob and Amy Moody of Little Meadows-Ashlyn Marie 4/19/2002
Jennie Harrington of Binghamton-Gabriel Patrick Richard 4/20/2002
Jack and Erica Brown Hansen Jr-Jennah Ann 4/09/2002
Tracy Shoultes of Waverly-Amiah Jolle 4/22/2002
Greg and Amy Warner Stotler of Waverly-Ethan Lee 4/22/2002
Patricia Espostto of Candor, NY Lidsay Rae 4/22/2002
Karen Haggart of Little Meadows-Kaylieh Susannah 4/25/2002.

Sue and Shark Saxon 31st on 4/24/2002 and children Erica and Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McCormick of Phillipsburg, NJ 5/2/2002
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Clark Jr of Wyalusing 4/30/2002
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Everett of Easton, PA 4/30/2002
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rosenberry of Dushore, PA 4/30/2002
Jack and Patronia Milne of Wyalusing 5/3/2002
Robert and Helen Franko of Wyalusing 5/4/2002
Jim and Monica Hoodak of Anchorage AK 4/29/2002
Robert and Marion Sweet of Wyalusing 4/29/2002

Hillary Sweet, 16 on 4/25/2002
Amiah Jolle 4/22/2002
Robert W. Kunkle Sr, of Herrickville, 75 on 4/2002
Jeremy Gardner of Rome 4/2002
Marletta Pousen 4/2002

Robert and Juannita Harkins   banon?   Seth B. to Jennifer Chen Lee d/o Amy Chia of San Fansico CA.  He is the grandson Martha Beebe and the late Bill Beebe of Spingfield

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