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Transcribed and Submitted by Tracy St. Claire

Owen - Bishop Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments.
Philadelphia, Published by Jesper Harding, 1844.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire of 114 Hilltop Lane, Sleepy Hollow, IL 60118.

[Page One -- Marriages, Births]

Jonathan Owen was Married to Mary Bishop Nov,30,1839

Jonathan Owen was Maried to Elizabeth Neate April 11th, 1849.

Jonathan Owens Born July, 11th, 1818
Mary Bishop was Born Oct,19th,1819

DeWitt, C, Owen was born Oct,10,1840 Chemung, Co.
Allura [?] Owen was born Jan, 27, 1843 Chemung
Theodore Owen was Born June,21,1846

[Page Two -- Births, Deaths]

Robert Neate was born May 11th 1769
Sarah Neate April 6 1779
John Neate Feby 22 1810
Eunice Neate April 27 1808
Jonas Reynolds Neate was born Feby 16th 1812
Reuben Neate March 25.1814
Katherine Neate July 8th 1816
Sarah Ann Neate August 25 1817
Elizabeth Neate June 22 1821
Iva Neate September 15, 1824
Sarah Neat Dided Sept 16 1857
Robert Neate Died August 30 1859 Aged 90 years
Juliaett Owen was August the 3 1850
Caroline Owen was born December the 20 1851
Mary Owens was November the 16 1856
Sarah, Ellen, Owen was, born, April 30, 1860
Hariett Minna Owen was Born January 30, 1862
John Neate Died December 24th 1835
Aged 25yr 10mo 2days
Iva Neate died October 24th 20yr 1mo 9days

Jonathan Owen's Family's Deaths
Mary A. Owen, Died July 1848

Jonathan Owen Died January the 16 1865
Allura Owen Died June 16th 1845
Theodore Owen Died November 14th 1864
Aged 18 years 4 months & 23 days
DeWitt C. Owen Died June 22nd 1884

[Page Three -- Blank]

Hector Owen
Virgil Owen
Esther Owen
--Births and Deaths

Esther Owen is grandmother of Frank Nipson [?]

Oscar Owen died Sept. 2 1944

Note: If you find it necessary to discard this Bible,
please save these 3 pages

Taped in clippings--

Obituary of DeWitt Owen
Sixtieth wedding anniversary of Reuben Neate & wife
Obituary of Theodore Dudgeon

[Page Four -- Inside Back Flyleaf]

John Merlin Coddington grandfather of Ella Egan and Sarah Rumsey

Jane Coddington mother of Ella Egan

[Page Five -- Inside Back Cover]

Mrs. Betsey Owen

William Owen father of Jonathan Owen and Sarah Owen

Hiram Owen 1/2 brother to Jonathan & Fanny Owen Rumsey

---------------END OF TRANSCRIPT--------

Shaver - Woughter Bible

The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Cooperstown, N.Y., H.& E. Phinney, 1833. Old Testament
title page missing; information is from the New Testament title page. Equal to Hills #817.

Time has not been kind to this Bible. The covers are both entirely missing, and the spine is in tatters. The first pages are
missing, the first page that is present is the first page of Genesis.

Next, it is not hard to see why this Bible was not kept in the family. It looks like there wasn't much family left!

I am going to guess New York for this Bible. 1) The Bible itself was made in New York, and in 1833 they didn't travel
too far. 2) In searching for people with the last name  "Woughter", they all were in New York. 3) in Owego, Tioga County, there is a Baptist church that had both Shaver and Woughter parishioners.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,

-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

John C. Shaver and Maria B. Woughter
Apr 8th 1813

[Page Two -- Births]

John Shaver Nov 20th 1784

Maria B. Woughter Feb 3rd 1796

[Page Three -- Deaths]

John C. Shaver Jr Sep 26th 1830

John C. Shaver Aug 1st 1866

Maria B. Shaver Mar 17th 1872

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------

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