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Submitted by Gwen MECUM Hunt <> who received the following transcription from cousin Wendy Wolcott, Horseheads NY who has this Bible in her possession passed down from her grandmother, Laura HOUSE Landon. 

                  Old & New Testaments
               Printed in the year of 1843

             MRS. J.H. CAIN  (*Note: Anna Manning)

Noted on front cover page:   Mrs. James Manning
                             South Danby
                             Tompkins Co., NY

Noted on the rear inside cover:       Mary Manning

Noted on the front inside cover:   Laura M. House was converted Jan. 8, 1908
                                   Oakley House was converted Jan. 12, 1908
                                   Hattie House was converted Jan. 12, 1908

                                   Laura House was baptized Feb. 26, 1908
                                   Hattie House was baptized Feb. 26, 1908


Feb. 17, 1846               James Manning and Mary
Jan. 1, 1861                 Sarah Manning and George VanDebogart


Aug. 10, 1816            James Manning
May 1, 1825               Mary Manning
May 26, 1847             Sarah A. Manning
Apr. 15, 1849             Mary J. Manning
Oct. 10, 1851              Charles J. Manning (unsure if J.)
Nov. 29, 1853             Theron E. Manning
Mar. 13, 1855              Susan D. Manning (unsure if D.)
Jul. 11, 1857                Hattie A. Manning
Feb. 4, 1859                 Rufus A. Manning
May 11, 1863               Lee Manning
Mar. 21, 1867              Carry May Manning


May 30, 1894               Theron E. Manning
May 11, 1893               Mary Manning
No date                    Charley Manning
Jul. 5, 1939               Hattie Manning House
Jan. 19, 1941              Lee Manning

Chemung County NY

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