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Submitted by Michael McMurray .
 Subj:  Bible submission for Gregg - Wisner
Date:  3/17/2003 8:54:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  McMike5405
To:  JoyceTice

I am Michael McMurray of Hamburg, NY.  I was raised in Deposit, NY and my Grandmother was Alvina Burgett of Elmira.  I have been unable to find much of record on her or her Father Alvin R. Burgett on your site but that's not why I am writing.

I am submitting information compiled from the Bible of General Wm. M. Gregg of Elmira.  General Gregg was married into my family via his second marriage in 1867 to a widow of a James Harding of Ohio.  The wedding took place in Tunkannock.  I am not sure exactly how that James Harding was related to my ggGrandfather Capt. James Bird Harding of Tunkhannock, Pa.  My Great Grandmother, Lillie Harding was listed in the 1880 census as his niece and was housekeeping for Gen. Gregg at that time, shortly before his death.  He served in the Civil War, and commanded the 179th NY Infantry.  I have found references to him on your wonderful website.  The Bible is brief but its a part of history and should be shared.  The Bible is in the possession of a family member and was transcribed by my Brother.  I asked him to double check it prior to me posting on the internet and he said it was accurate.   Sorry for rambling on.   I am new to genealogy but love it because it honors our ancestors. Thanks for all your hard work preserving our heritage..

The Bible follows:


Wm, M. Gregg & Sarah A. Wisner, Married November 23, 1847

Sarah Ann Wisner, Born April 6, 1829

Bettie Kahabler, Born February 6, 1843
       Adopted by Wm, M & Sarah A. Gregg, November 1848

Sarah Ann Gregg , Died July 17, 1860

Chemung County NY

Published On Site 19 MAR 2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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