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Submitted by Barbara Tolbert
Can anyone tell us which townships
this record is associated with? Thanks.

Date:  7/19/2002 10:18:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Barbara Tolbert)
To: (Joyce Tice)

(Transcription provided by and located at Spalding Memorial Library, 724 South Main Street, Athens PA 18810.  Retyped by Barbara Tolbert 7/16/2002)
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Names listed in 1913 and 1914 family reunion book

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Newland, Buffalo]
Mr. & Mrs.Clayton Barden, Elmira Hts, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Giltner, Barton
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Wedge, Earlville, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Barden, Waverly
Mrs. Rea Conover.. on entertainment comm. at reunion elected 1915.
Laura S. Walster, Mrs. Mary Conover Barrett, Mrs. Nellie Wedge died between Aug 1916-17


From Eighth Reunion, 1919, Historian Martha Walster.

 At this time it was decided to change the name of the reunion to the Conover-Barden reunion so as to include Roxy Conover’s mothers family.  Roxy Conover was born Roxy Stoddard.  Her father died when she was a small child and her mother married Ohira Barden.  She had one sister Sarah the mother of Tim Barden and a brother.  She also had several half brothers and sisters named Barden.  Thus the Conover-Barden reunion.  Grandmother Laura Stoddard Barden was born Sept. 5, 1790 and died July 7, 1889, almost one hundred years old.  Ohira Barden was born Oct. 28, 1800 and died Sept. 8, 1885.  They were both buried in the village cemetery of Barton, N.Y.  Laura Stoddard (Barden) was the mother of Roxy Stoddard Conover.  (Note: Do not know maiden name of Laura Stoddard-Barden or first name of her first husband ???? Stoddard.)


Solomon Conover b. Jan 25, 1816
Roxy L. Stoddard (Conover) b. Oct. 13, 1817
Merit C. Conover b. 11-17-1838
William B. Conover b. 10-8-1841
Martha A. Conover b. 1-13-1843
Luman S. Conover b. 11-13-1845
Roxy J. Conover b. 5-6-1850
Furman B. Conover b. 12-23-1852
Levi C. Conover b. 1-20-1855
Phobe A. Conover b. 2-11-1857


Solomon Conover d. 2-24-1859
Roxy L. Conover d. 3-11-1894
Levi C. Conover d. 5-5-1875
William B. Conover d. 11-22-1890
Luman S. Conover d. 3-2-1919
Mrs. Luman Conover d. 11-26-1925
Minnie L. Conover d. 3-13-1905  daughter of Luman Conover

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