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Transcribed & Submitted by Barbara Tolbert


(Transcription provided by and located at Spalding Memorial Library, 724 South Main Street, Athens PA 18810.  Retyped by Barbara Tolbert.)
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Solomon Conover   b. 1-25-1816   m. 5-19-1836   d. 2-24-1859
Wife: Roxy L.Stoddard   b. 10-13-1817   m. 5-19-1836   d. 3-11-1894 in Corning
Both buried Hope Cemetery, Corning, NY

Note: Corning Daily Journal, Friday March 16, 1894 carries notice of
death of Roxy Conover, 78 years old.
Living children all at funeral as follows:

Merritt C. Conover, Corning, NY (My grandfather)  A. L.Best
Mrs. Martha DeVoe, Oxford, NY (Martha A. Conover)
Luman S. Conover, Corning, NY (d. 1920 about)
Mrs. C. C. Walster, Elmira, NY (Laura S. Conover) (Conrad C.) d. 1916/17

Mrs. Russell E. Pierce, Corning, NY (Roxy Jane Conover, Aunt Jen)
Furman B. Conover, Hornellsville, NY
Mrs. I. Kinsely, Addison, NY (Anna Conover)
(15 grandchildren) (1 gr. Grandchild)

Roxy’s-Her only sister—Sarah Barden, of Waverly, 82 years.
Note:  2 other children, William and Levi had died years before.
Have notes taken on grandchildren.

Notice:  Died:  In Knoxville, on Sat. Jan 21, 1871, L.P. Stoddard, Esq. Age 60., Rev. Mr. Hard, officiated at the church in Knoxville. Knoxville was northside, Corning, NY.  (Would like to know his relationship to Roxy L. Stoddard, as her real father died when she was young.)

PELATIAH BARDEN, formerly of Barton, NY employed in mill at Caddalac Mich. Was caught in belt and arm was torn off and he died in one week.He left a wife and 2 children in the west and an aged mother in Barton. He was the brother of Mrs. J.D. Newland of Barton and A.T. Barden of Lockwood.  He formerly resided in Newark Valley, Tioga County, New York (Not PA)

Items listed in family Reunion book…..1913
Mr. & Mrs. Arlie Conover & son, Hornell, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Conover, Dover NJ
Mr. & Mrs. C. Christ, Dover NJ
Mrs Ella Conover, Dover, NJ
Miss Geonoa Conover, Corning, R#4
Miss Susan Conover, Corning, R#4
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dailey, Hornell
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Dailey, Hornell
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Dailey, Owego, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Dailey, Barton, NY
Mrs. Mary Conover Barrett, d. 1916 or 1917   Waverly
Mrs. Nellie Wedge d. 1916 or 1917
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dailey, Owego, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dailey, Owego, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Addison Carey, Waverly, NY
Mr. & Mrs. DeFey Mosso, Sayre, PA
William Barden, Candor, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jones, Candor, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Barden, Waverly, NY
Mr. & Mrs. A.T. Barden, Cortland, NY (was he brother of the Pelatian,
mentioned above; whose address was Lockwood?)
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Barden, Cortland, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Barden, Cortland, NY

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