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Dear Joyce,
Recently, I visited my cousin Virginia Herrick, in Elmira, NY  and she produced an old family bible which I believe came from the paternal side of her family (Lee).  Inserted in the bible was a page with the following info which I thought should be submitted to your site, it being more likely that it applied to the geographic area which your site covers (although there is no indication where these people actually lived). Elda Hall -
Virginia made a photostat copy of the following info on a family named Blake:
(Difficult to read - penmanship blotty and spelling of names questionable).
David Blake born Sept. 19, 1784
Baara (?) Blake born August 26, 1785
Daniel Edwin Blake born Feb. 10, 1808
Lowize Blake born Feb. 18, 1810  Died August ????
David Blake Jr. born June 7, 1812  Died Oct. 16, 18??
Elizon (?) Blake born Nov. 21, 1819
Robert Blake born March 2, 1821  Died Dec. 17, 18??
John Harry Blake Born June 7th, 1823
David Blake died December the 14, 1863 in his eightieth year
I do hope this information will prove useful to someone on your website.
Chemung County NY

Published On 15 OCT 2006
By Joyce M. Tice

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